Lok Kawi Wildlife Park – newly open “zoo” in Sabah

We know that Sabah is one of the place in this world that still has some natural habitat to wildlife creatures. However, to those who found out it is sometimes difficult to get to the remote place where this natural habitat live, then Lok Kawi Wildlife Park that was newly opened to public, is a good alternative. Visitor can see a number of ‘local’ animal like orang utan and proboscis monkey away from their natural habitat.

We went to the park on the 18th February, on the second day the park was opened to the public. Although the entrance fee that cost RM10 per adult is quite expensive (I think?), but for nature and wildlife conservation purposes, I don’t think it matters. At least, that’s the thing that we could do to support the park and the animals.

Well, after walking for about half an hour, and trying to explain and introduce all the animals to my 2 year old son, we got exhausted. At least, by doing that, he will be more educated than just being in front of the tv watching the animals from Animal Planet.

These are some of the photos that I took from the park.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Our group. I brought my 4-months old baby also.


My son infront of the elephant cage. Oh, he is trying to show me ‘peace’ sign with his finger. Until now he can only show his index finger…

Elephant footprint

I don’t know why they made this and why I take photo of it. I guess I just want to share with you the thing that they got.


They also have a couple of ostrich.

Proboscis monkey

Adult proboscis monkey – in a cage. Notice the big golden colour nose?

Poboscis monkey

The nose for young proboscis monkey is dark colour. It changes as they grow older.

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15 thoughts on “Lok Kawi Wildlife Park – newly open “zoo” in Sabah

  1. kurenai

    My family and I went their after I read your blog. Unfortunately, it was raining and we didnt prepare for it. However, we had a great time their and I took a lot of pictures.

    Personally, the opening of this park to the public is a little bit too early. They still dont have much animals to see and some of the animals they claim to have wasn’t there (example, bear). Standard facilities too are still under cosntruction. Despite all of that, I like the environment soo much. It is a nice place to take a stroll with your loved ones or family.

  2. lorraine

    Hi………… I have my own Taska in KK., that’s Taska Childen’s Place. I brought the students to visit the zoo last December. It was a thrilling experience for everyone!! The zoo was not opened to the public yet but they have many animals . The children’s mini zoo was not opened at that time.
    Anyone who wants to let their childen have experience in seeing real wildlife animals, this Zoo is a must. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes though coz it’s a long, long walk!

  3. Kuan

    Hi! I am from KL. I will be in Sabah from 12Sept07 onwards. This is my second time in Sabah. This time I have two kids tagging along. Could you tell me where is this Loh Kawi Wildlife Park?

  4. carmen

    I will go to KK on 30th May with my 3-yr old son. Known that we have to walk for long time, is it possible to bring the stroller? are there many steps? rocky road?

  5. drizad Post author

    Hi Carmen,

    Oh yes, it is possible to bring the stroller. The trail was paved, and not many steps inside the park.
    Hope you will have a good time!

  6. Christine from Singapore

    Hi Dr Izad,
    I stumbled upon yr interesting blog while research loh kawi park. my husband, also fellow GP, and i will bring our 4 kids for first time to KK in June 2009 and look forward to enjoying the wonderful sights in KK/Sabah. Good to get acquainted with a fellow Dr while there, best wishes, Christine

  7. RAO pencinta alam

    Hi, Iam a self proclaimed inviromentelist and Wildlife lover. I, my wife and our two chlidren visited Lok Kawi WildLife Park last August. We were very facinated and thrilled by the well maintained nature and the animals behavior there.

    Thanks to the Sabah Govt. for this.

  8. Don Andrew

    Why does the Malaysian Authorities decide that “foreigners” as they call them, most countries call their visitors Tourists, charge twice as much for admission than Malaysians?? Sabah’s main income is from the Tourist Industry why make visitors feel “duped” and also insulted?? Why say that school Children half price but insist on seeing I/D cards. Why treat foreigners, married to locals as if they are being stopped and searched by Immigration Police? This is a delightful spot to enjoy oneself and ones family and friends/visitors. Also having charged over RM100 for our party, why is the Jungle walk closed without informing the public at the turnstyles not waiting to struggle with picnic gear all the way to that end of the park to see a hand written notice saying closed, over the New Year Holiday weekend!!!!

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