Lokan Bakar (Roasted Clam) at Jalan Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu

Oh, I had a roasted clam session last month with my brother and his family form Muar. He spent 2 weeks of traveling here in Kota Kinabalua and Kundasang during the school holiday. We had a very good time together, and one of it was eating roasted clam at the well known stalls along Jalan Sulaman, 30 minutes drive out of Kota Kinabalu city.

Lokan (Polymesoda expansa) is a bivalves molluscs is found buried in the stiff mud of the landward fringe of mangroves. It is well-adapted to this habitat, being able to tolerate long periods of low tide, and has the ability to resume filter-feeding rapidly when inundated.

We had it with burned coconut juice, coconut pudding and a special sauce which is home made – a mix of sesame oil, lemongrass root, lime, black soy sauce, vinegar and I don’t know what else.

It taste like? Hmm… I don’t know how to explain it. You need to go there to taste it yourselves!


Lokan Bakar

Lokan bakar Jalan Sulaman



Lokan Bakar (Roasted Clam) in Kota Kinabalu


10 thoughts on “Lokan Bakar (Roasted Clam) at Jalan Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu”

  1. Hi, i’m kenneth, i doing a research for this lokan. and may i know how you know this sp. name is call polymesoda expansa? cause i got tasted it yesterday and bring some came back to culture it. Can you give me some information about this sp.? waiting for your reply. thanks!

  2. Hi.. just wondering ? KAt mana restaurant seafood yang serve “halal” ? By the way they cooking it. Is Salut or Gayang ok ?

  3. to shasha,

    basically all seafood restaurant is halal but they do served beer so dont be alarmed. Though you have to be carefull if you are thinking to have seafood in Kg Air Sri Selera (sedco) as they have frogs in their menu.

  4. halal food is one but a halal kitchen is another one (another certification)…how do they wash the beer glasses? separately or with the seafood plates together..? kalau was-was tak yah ler…

  5. Hello good day everyone.. im from sibu sarawak. 2 tahun yang lepas saya dengan kengkawan beli lokan kat pasar tamu,lokan yang kitorang beli ni,berasal dari matu,sarawak. kitorang beli dengan harga murah,sebab murah dan fresh,banyak jugak la yang dibeli,dalam 20kg. kitorang pakai skill pangang,pabila dah masak,kulit lokan akan terbuka sendiri,dengan jusnya,isi lokan yang lembut,add some lemon juicewow..begitu enak sekali,masalahnya,isi lokan bila dimakan,terdapat pasir/tanah,walaupun direndam semalaman,isi lokan masih menpunyai pasir. dimana penyelesaiannya.sekian terima kasih..

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