Looking for a mountain guide name Billy Sapinggi

I received an email from one of Kinabalu climber yesterday. He is looking for his mountain guide name Billy Sapinggi, when he did the climb in December last year. If you have any information on the guide’s whereabout and phone number, please drop a comment. Here is Noor’s email:

Hi, my name is Noor. I’m from Johor Bahru.

Firstly, I would like to say that I really enjoy reading your blog, I find most of the topics interesting / informative.

Doc, I need help!
In December last year, I, and 10 other people attempted to climb the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Sadly, only 3 of us reached the peak, not including me, due to the weather conditions.

Anyway, our guide was Billy Sapinggi. He was extremely helpful and nice and jaga-ed us well. Next time we climb (next year, God willing), we would love have him as our guide again.

The upsetting part is that we did not get a chance to thank him for all his help! This is because when we descended from the mountain, he was still up there with 2 people from our group, and we couldn’t wait for them as our vans were ready to bring us back to our apartment.

When I got back home, I started browsing the internet in hopes of finding his number. I even called Sabah Parks, but I was given a wrong number. I emailed Sabah Parks, and again, they gave me a wrong number. I found 2-3 blogs where the climbers’ guide was Billy, but they didn’t have his number either.

So, I thought of asking you whether by any chance at all you have Billy Sapinggi’s number or know where I might be able to obtain his number.

Thanking you a great bunch in advance.

PS : Good luck on climbing with the Special Olympic team! 🙂


Thanks Noor! Hopefully somebody could give you an answer.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for a mountain guide name Billy Sapinggi

  1. Leong

    Hi Noor and Drizad,

    I got the contact number of Mountain Guild Billy Sapinggi which was given by a friend.
    I will pass the his number to Drizad at his multiply site message bax, as it is not good to publish Billy’s number without consent.


  2. Tenzin Lekshey

    Hello Sir
    its really intresting to reading your blog i really dont know where is mount Kinabalu. I m frm india n 29 years old, i completed my all mountainaring course frm NIM and HMI at India. But i didnt get any opportune for show up my experience. If you make a team memember or helper for you expetition of Kinabalu. I Thankful for your kindness..
    your faithfully
    Tenzin Lekshey

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