Maranjak Homestay – Rungus Traditional Longhouse, Kudat

A good 2 day getaway from my usual clinic work during CNY. Went back to Kudat with my family, including our new born baby boy. I know, Malay custom usually prohibit delivered mother and their new born baby to go out from the house during “pantang” (I could not figure out the good word for it in English), until about 40 days, but I did it with all my 3 children anyway. It’s modernization flexibility, I guess…

Anyway, I just would like to share some of the photos that was taken during the short period of visit. All of the photos here are the external view of the longhouse. I have to get my eldest son to be the model in some of the photos…

The signboard
The signboard for Maranjak Homestay, just in front of the longhouse.

Rungus Longhouse
By the way, my wedding was held here, and I sometimes sleep here with my family. Really cool at night…
Rungus Longhouse

Rungus Longhouse

Rungus Longhouse
The side view (front part) of the longhouse. Oh, they don’t have any pigs underneath the longhouse. My wife said, they used to have pigs underneath, but it was long time ago…

Rungus Longhouse

Rungus Longhouse

Rungus Longhouse
Reception booth (left upper), parking lot (with my maroon coloured car).

“Sulap”, a place where Rungus people keep their harvested paddy, to keep away from rodents and flood.

Front view of the “Sulap”.

Rungus Longhouse

Rungus Longhouse

Just drop me an email if you want to go there!

34 thoughts on “Maranjak Homestay – Rungus Traditional Longhouse, Kudat”

  1. Wow, lucky you for marrying a resident there…can go there when ever you like…I’m proud of Rungus longhouse but I feel a bit ashamed that you visited the place more than me and I’m a Rungus? Maybe one day, I’ll definitely bring my wife and kids…

  2. Well, I “have” to visit the longhouse as it is where my mother in law is! hahaha…

    Yes, you definitely have to go there with your family. Show them their root…

  3. hi there! we are planning to do a homestay in Sabah this June! Please let us know what the prices are.. thanks!

  4. Can you give more details on how much it cost for the 3D2N homestays there and have you been to homestay in Kampung Minyak? I saw this homestay packages through internet and I am not sure which one is better. I am M’sia but this coming July I will bring my friends from Europe
    to Sabah and I choose Kudat to view the lifesytle of Runggus. Thanks………

  5. Hi Lily,

    I am not sure whether our longhouse is better or theirs is. But I am sure that both places have their unique character, in which, you can choose either one, and still feels at home…

    You may check your email for the quotation.

  6. hi there…

    me and my friend are planning to go there to spend a nite and experience the cultural. do you have their number so i can book a room at meranjak home stay ?



  7. Hi Drizad,

    I’m planning to bring 30-40 school children. Can you give me quotation for 3 days 2 nights for Meranjak longhouse homestay (include tour, bus & meals)? Planning to have this vacation during school holiday next year. Thanks

  8. Hi Drizad,

    I’ll be in Sabah for 8 days backpacking and interested to stay in Meranjak Homestay and Kiram Village… Your information on reservation and estimate cost is very much appreciated. Thanks

  9. I m now planning a trip to Sabah during July. May i know how much is one night stay in the longhouse cost? I need more information about the longhouse room details as well as the activities and food we will have during the stay (including the price for each item). Thanks in advanced.

  10. I’d like to visit in September this year with my sister. Can you tell me how much the 3 day 2 night package is, as well as how much the 2 day 1 night package please.



  11. im planning for a family trip to Sabah, and am interested to book for a day tour which includes lunch in the long house but we are Muslims, so we’re wondering what kind of food are being serve in the Rungus Long House. your reply would be much appreciated. thx in advance!

  12. hi, my friend and me are planning a trip to kudat and would like to spend a nite in Rungus Longhouse.
    We will reach in the evening on 19/12 (sat) and leave in the early morning on 20/12.
    Is early booking required?
    Hope you can provide us with the itinerary and quotation for 7 people.

  13. Hi Drizad,

    can quote for 2D1N Rungus Longhouse Homestay? period will be 10th May 2010 – 11th May 2010, 2 female.


  14. Hi, I’m a college student interested in staying there a night to experience the unique culture!
    I’ll be going there somewhere from 24th august to 26th aug 2010.
    May I kindly get a quote? Thanks alot!

  15. Hi there. I’ll be travelling to Sabah from 29th June 2010 to 6th July 2010.
    How much will it cost for an overnight stay at a longhouse (Rungus) and is there any way that I can book directly with the Rungus Longhouse committee themselves (instead of a tour operator)?

    Thank you so kindly.

  16. Hi. We are interested to stay a nite at Rungus Traditional Long House. Can you please give us a quotation for 5 people. Will be there on the 12/09/10.


  17. Hi, my family (5 adults – 3M and 2 F) will be visiting KK in early Nov for 5 days and would like very much to spend a nite at Rungus Traditional Long House. Could you please give us a quotation for a nite stay on 4/11/10. We will be coming in a rented car.

    Many thanks.


  18. Im interested to put up a night in Maranjak Homestay. May i know how can i make the reservation and how the rate going to be. I am flying over from Peninsular Malaysia.

  19. HI

    It really sounds cool!
    I will be travelling there end of May, and would like to know the contact number of Maranjak Longhouse

    Need your assistance on this


  20. Hello!
    we are a french family spending 6 weeks in KK in july 2012. could you send me your rates – we’d love to spend some time at the long house!

  21. Hi,

    Nice blog.

    Does Maranjak himself run this longhouse? I met him over a decade ago. At that time his project to run a home stay was still at its infancy, and he was selling his dastar to promote Rungus culture. If this is his legacy, I am interested to go there and stay for a couple of nights. Do you know how I can contact this homestay?

    Appreciate your feedback. and Thank you.

  22. Hi, I will travel to kudat on end of June 2012 & wish to stay at Meranjak Longhouse for a night. May i know how can i make the reservation and how the rate going to be for 4 person.


  23. hai drizad,
    im a student at ums wanted to go to this longhouse for doing some research…so,im thinking how that will be cost for a nite stay?

  24. hai drizad,
    im a student at ums wanted to go to this longhouse for doing some research…so,im thinking how that will be cost for a nite stay?
    THANK YOU..:p

  25. Can you send me the contact details for the Rungus Traditional Longhouse, Kudat. I can only find tour operators who offer trips, I just want to book accommodation only as I will have my own transport and prefer to do things independently.

    Many thanks


  26. Hi, I’d like to book stay for one or two nights. We will be arriving in the beginning of next week.
    Could you please give us information how to find you and pricing.
    Kind regards

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