Masidi said, “We will study it seriously”

Hahaha… I hope it’s not too late. Suda ku bilang awal-awal…

Read more crap here:
We will study it seriously

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17 thoughts on “Masidi said, “We will study it seriously”

  1. Tadpole

    I remember he did query SSL years back but no outcome. I bet this case will go silent again from here. Datuk Masidi talks a lot but that’s just talking..

  2. KaKiaYam

    yes, study it seriously. I believe they will, like the toll operators in Selangor reduce the cost by a third or so. In return they get to extend their concession by another 10 years or so or given the monopoly of another majestic mountain….

    haiya, benda macam ni, kita sudah biasa lar….

    drizad, we have to try harder to get more people to sign up, especially rich country like Japan, S’pore and others.


  3. Tadpole

    This thing is more than just a company monopoly issue. It involves BN gang who fatten their wallets behind this business. I will see if Datuk Masidi has the gut to step on the tails of his peers.

  4. drizad Post author

    Hahaha… I am not sure whether I should moderate this comment thread or not. But then, it’s nice to reveal some of the things that we usually don’t know when talking about politicians…
    C’mon Datuk Masidi… If you are reading this post, please do something to Kinabalu. I thought Ranau people elected you during the last General Poll???

  5. AngrySabahan

    Sigh Sigh Sigh,…what a betrayal to Sabahan. I was totally pissed when I read about the “take it or leave it” article in The Star the other day. Well, we the locals do not mind if you (government) like to gain profit thru privatising Mt KK, but why make it like Mt. KK is non of our business? we, locals do deserve a better price over it.

    Increasing the price to an Unaffordable (for me NOT WORTH) rate is totally ridiculous and stupid. 2D1N for a family of 4 would cost Rm1300++ before adding air tickets and other fares, not even worth to think of. These uesless brats are only money minded, Rasuah is their best skill!!Should consider the opposition in the next election.

  6. KaKiaYam

    drizad, even malaysiakini have an article on this…..yeehoo…..!

    let’s strike the iron while it is hot….

    i wanted to start another cause, one that is more direct to the point, let’s call it BOYCOTT MOUNT KINABALU…

    but maybe that’s inappropriate…..haiya…don’t know lar…

    anyone wants to take up this initiative?

  7. Lorna

    drizad, do you know whether a petition on SSL’s absurd service and pricing has been made? Maybe we should do one online (an online petition service), then send it to Datuk Masidi or the Chief Minister for his attention? Everyone should sign it, especially international tourists who have experienced SSL’s appalling treatment of them.

  8. nall30

    i earn 5rm perhour but i didnt give any second thoughts about spending it to climb kinabalu. but it would be nice if the money i paid goes into cleaning up the mountain. some of the pictures i see is pitiful

    SSL have reviewed their pricing. when paying rm 290 few weeks ago i was told that im paying for accommodation one night stay at gunting lagadan, two lunch one dinner and breakfast.

    today i received an email saying that the amout that i’ve paid is for
    one night at gunting lagadan
    climbing permit
    supper entrance fee

    at first i thought that im getting my money back, but SSL absorbed other cost do balance it out. so now one night stay including food will cost rm240 instead of rm290

    really looking forward to be on top of the mountain….

  9. drizad Post author

    @Lorna: I don’t think I knew whether any petition against SSL’s absurd pricing and services has been made. Actually, I am not really sure how to do it. You are free to help me start a petition as you wish. Or even SMS Masidi straight away. After all, Kinabalu is ours, not SSL’s…

  10. Tadpole

    KaKiaYam, boycott will never work. They are always fully booked though the price increases again and again. This is the key reason why them are so indifferent about the complaints.

  11. AngrySabahan

    So…that’s it? discount Rm50 after increase 500%? I hope this is not the final price review! Cant they consider giving the locals a better fare? increase the No. of ppl staying in one room and then charges are based on Per Room rather than per person. Fair enough, if you want to have privacy you would pay more and vice versa. Come on DO IT FOR THE LOCALS!!

  12. Ranau_Girl

    Datuk, are you really sure you will study this matter seriously? It’s been years since we the climbers, been torture by the evil price of SSL. THANK YOU VERY MUCH if you really into it Datuk. And I really appreciate your intention. Since both of us are Ranau People. Personally, I don’t know you, and I didn’t vote you last election, but it was not my fault since I was thrown to BUNDUTUHAN. I will next time, but this only happen if I am transferred to your DUN. But Datuk I saw you twice already, and you seem to have a very GOOD IMPRESSION.

    As a RANAU people, please Datuk, don’t let us watching the Mt. Kinabalu from our window, but make our dream to be there and enjoy the scenery or the adventure of climbing Mt. Kinabalu become true. Maybe in the future you want to climb again, and this time with your family. I guess, RESERVATION & PAYING for the package is not your problem, since you are the MINISTRY OF TOURISM. But for us, we are NOT nobody, we also have same dream like yours, spending GOOD VOCATION with family up there or with friends! Honestly RM400/ per package (If you got this price, kind of cheap already, KUNUN) is too much to us!What do you think?? Let me know Datuk.

    And again Datuk, please don’t just “We’ll study it seriously”, shall I highlight here, JUST STUDY? We need the ACTION Datuk. If you want evident, I guess this blog, voices the climbers and future climbers (maybe your own family) is more than enough.

    Thank you

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