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Do you still remember RSS (Real Simple Syndication)? Nowadays, a lot of good websites with good articles are using RSS to syndicate their content. That means, by having this technology, readers like you do not have to go to their website to get the latest information and news. Just by subscribing to their RSS feeds, the information and news will come to you. If you would like to know how to use RSS for your daily browsing activities, I have made a very simple help page for you here.

By implementing the RSS technology into this website, I manage to syndicate few selected good website for their articles. As you can see from the top navigation bar, I syndicated random articles from Travelers Toolkit category of, 10 selected articles from climbing category of and 10 selected articles from outdoor category from All of the articles that I syndicated for you is written by people like you, travelers and climbers alike. They just would like to share with you their experiences during their journey in writings. By doing that, we, as a reader will gain more knowledge and make us more prepared – if we were to make the same decision and the same journey.

You notice that I syndicated only the relevant articles and content from their website to compliment this website which has a very similar theme. By doing that I am now giving you more reason to stay in this website a little longer – with more content to read and gain knowledge from the people who wrote the articles.

I know, a lot of us have a lot of things to say after a journey. Some of us will write in a blog diaries, but some of you don’t. Some of you may have submitted your story to ‘articles directories’ website to get yourself some credit, but I know it is tough to get your story through. Most of the so called ‘article directories’ have a strict guidelines for you to follow when submitting your story. They may also want you to write in a good English grammar, otherwise your article will get rejected.

If you are like them, no worries. I am willing to publish your article or story about your journey to Kinabalu and Sabah in this website. I do not have any guideline for you to follow. And, do not be so worry about your English grammar. Just email me your story. I may (or may not) edit your story, and it will be published directly in this website in no time. By doing that, you are contributing to this website existance and maybe one day, somebody will be syndicating your articles and stories!

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