More photos from the past: 1960’s Jambatan Tamparuli

Courtesy of Mr. Anthony Catherall, he emailed me more photos of Jambatan Tamparuli in May 1960, during the big flood tragedy that had claimed the lives of 2 brave British soldiers and a local woman.

Please read his entry here if you have not read it. Enjoy the photos!
The Landrover emerges from Tamparuli River, May 1960

The Scammel hauls out the Landrover

The extension where the stretcher lay can clearly be seen

The investigation begins

Tamparuli Bridge 1960

Tamparuli Bridge from Kota Kinabalu

The memorial plaque to two brave soldiers

By the way, the photos are copyrighted to Mr. Anthony Catherall. Thank you very much!

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18 thoughts on “More photos from the past: 1960’s Jambatan Tamparuli

  1. nobby clarke

    hello, good photos , i was at kota belud with the army setting up paradise camp, we used to travel quite allot to jesselton to the cold storage ,tong hing and far hing, to collect provisions 3 times a week.the road was all ways dodgy .i used to visit the dusons in there kampongs , and drink bahar, we would bring them tiger beer and fags and army tinned food, they are great people, the same is said for all the tribes, of borneo,it was the best time of my life, i will never forget it, i was there for 18 months in 1962,i wish i could come back and visit, but i guess it has changed, i served 22 yrs with the army, i learnt to speak malay quite well, and used to play marjong with the Chinese, there is so much i could talk about, maybe i should write a book, can you e mail me , any one who was at paradise camp, it would be great to chat over the old days, best regards to you all, NOBBY CLARKE,

  2. Nozel

    wow these are amazing photos of my hometown…Tamparuli…i always dream to see such amazing photos of my hometown, now my dreams really come true..thank you, by the way can i use this picture to share among my friends at the Facebook site..pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  3. disney

    These photos are nostalgic. Tamparuli is my hometown…it’s nice to see old photos of the bridge. Btw the memorial plaque is still there.

  4. A.Mydin

    We either Sabah, Sarawak and malaya should thanks the British for their effort saving this country with from Indonesia invaders as well developed it as at today. Not the religious teacher or ustaz who make Malaysia glory as at todate.

  5. Affendi Yusof

    Hello there,Mr Nobby Clarke can i ask you one question ? Did you ever served at Kuala Lumpur (KL) during your tour at malaya ? I just wondering if you had served at KL , where were the Officer’s Mess located. i really need to know the answer. Pse help me . Thank You.

  6. Adelyn

    I’m so touched with these pictures. Shame on me for knowing little about the histories happened during the old days.Thank you so much for sharing them here.Would really love to know more about the bridge especially the old one as I heard that it took lots of sacrifices in erecting it.

    Thank you

  7. daman trip

    Hello drizad .. i live in kb most of my lifetime and i still here. Now i am48 and i think i visited every villages in kb but do not remember if i ever seeing those plaque above. i believe the plaque is real and original but i cant locate it . can you tell me sir. thank you. your blog amazing….

  8. drizad Post author

    Hello Daman,

    The plaque is located near Tamparuli bridge, if I am not mistaken.
    Hope you can find it there.

  9. Daman Trip

    Hello drizad
    Yesterday found the plaque has been relocated at new suspension bridge town side. Thanks.
    However this morning very sad read the news passing of Mdm Rimma Turner the British citizen who is great artists. She was living at old suspension bridge western side. Due to old age relocated to old folk home in Papar since 1996.

  10. Frederick nobby Clarke

    Hello all ,
    I am now 81 retired & living in portagal,ive been looking back at this site &. Amazed of its contents regarding the hystory of events that took place in the 1960s.
    To all the servic people & local tribes I hope you will always remember your pass hystory it’s a wonderfu memory
    Thank you Nobby Clarke (Paradise camp 1962 )’,

  11. Frederick nobby Clarke

    This photo was taken only 2weeks after arriving at kotabelud wheat paradise camp was being constructed this was first plane that landed on the airstrip
    After that aircraft brought in more stores mail etc at least twice a week
    Those were the advance party of the sappers & corps who first set up the camp I was responsible for setting up the field kitchen
    Thx nobby Clarke

  12. drizad Post author

    Hello Mr. Clarke,
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post. Do you have any more photos from the past that you can share with us? Feel free to email me at Thank you and have a nice day!

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