Mount Kinabalu Adventure in Cameron Highland?

Jan Leow at Low's PeakDon’t get me wrong. I received an email from my fellow friend, Jan Leow about his experience on climbing Mount Kinabalu in July 2003. His story was very long that he needs to break it into 2 parts, for easy reading!

Jan Leow run the website, Cameron Highland, a website which has a very similar theme with mine. We like to share our tips and tricks on traveling for people who are planning to come and visit our places. We are also using the same system, (SiteBuildIt) to create and maintain our website. Check out what Jan Leow have to ay on his trip to the highest peak in Borneo!

So, what I really mean was Mount Kinabalu outdoor adventure travel in!

Mount Kinabalu Trip by Jan Leow, Part 1

Mount Kinabalu Trip by Jan Leow, Part 2

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