Mount Kinabalu climbing package booking for 2008 is now OPEN!

I have set up a new booking system for aspiring Mount Kinabalu climbers, after 3 months the old system was down. Mostly it is due to Sutera Sanctuary Lodges internal problem, where they have set up new rules and regulations for climbers starting from 2008 booking dates.

So, if you are planning to climb Mount Kinabalu in 2008, check out our whole new pages of climbing package information and booking form.


Thank you to Mr. Peter Chang, a freelance tour operator, who is humble enough to give me a hand on handling all those booking for Mount Kinabalu climbers. I won’t be able to do this booking system on my own, if not from his help. Of course, Aiden is still around to help me.

Have a nice booking!

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A self employed General Practitioner who lives with his lovely family in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. He dedicates his spare time serving people with precious information on climbing the Majestic Mountain of the Borneo, Mt Kinabalu. Reachable at drizad(at)

19 thoughts on “Mount Kinabalu climbing package booking for 2008 is now OPEN!

  1. deana


    This is cool.Btw, you have something similar to sipadan? just received an email from my friend in sydney. She and hubby plan to go to sipadan for a week mid of november.( ya, too short a notice for me to help her) do email me if you have any info ok.thanks

  2. Jimmy

    I think you would know by now that the prices of mountain climb has gone up exponentially to the point that it is no longer a cheap activity to do. Even local people are having a hard to to swallow the price that Sutera Sanctuary offer, and you think local people can take pride of their world heritage when oneself cannot even afford to climb the mountain which is just at your backyard.

    How can this be? Is Sutera Sanctuary trying to go for all profit when they know there is money to be made! This is a national park and everybody should be able to afford to visit our own national park! What is the point having a national park if there is no one that is able to afford to pay for the “EXPENSIVE” charges they have put up!

    If travelers wonder what is the price they are looking at for the climb next year, well you have to dig a lot more deeper next year when the price will be around RM 1+++ per person.

  3. drizad Post author

    Sadly, what you wrote is true, Jimmy. This is what happened when there is only a sole service provider for an exclusive item (similar like ASTRO and Tmnet Streamyx). They can do what they like on the prices, as they have full control on the specific item.

    Rant it out load in your blog. Hopefully somebody from Sabah Tourism Board will listen.

  4. Jimmy

    Ok…now we have new ruling from the government. All climbers need to get permit before they can even book accommodation for laban rata. Situation seems like getting bad to worst..not sure if this will help in anyway as the problem does not lay on the accommodation availability but the internal booking system.

    Certain agent are given special treatment for booking, as some agent are allow to booking the accommodation even though the booking month are not open to public. I have a friend who waited till the booking month itself to open to public and only to be inform that the booking are all been taken up already, imagine that it is the first day of that opening month. How can the accommodation sold out when it just been open on the day itself!! Doesn’t that sound strange?

    Why do they even open a reservation counter when you cannot offer accommodation to public? Might as well close down the counter and let the “SPECIAL AGENT” to sell!

  5. drizad Post author

    Again, you are correct. That “SPECIAL AGENT” that you mentioned are usually the big travel and tour company, and most small (or even solo service provider like me) usually will not qualified to be appointed as the “SPECIAL AGENT”.


  6. avthar

    Agree with all of u guys.
    For real nature and mountain climbing lovers, this is a totally unfair thing to do.
    As usual, the business and profit takes precedence over the fact that we are dealing with a world heritage site.
    I’m totally ashamed to be a Malaysian as with the new pricing, many fellow Malaysians wont be able to even visit their own Heritage site.
    What’s the point of giving it that title.
    Must be some big guns also behind this for allowing the prices to be raised so high and no intervention from the relevant bullshit agencies/departments just like the toll collection/ medical examination charges/astro charges etc etc etc .
    Haiyo, what to say la.
    Only thing i can say is Malaysia Boleh la……………………..towards self destruction of our natural heritage.

  7. Jay

    Very true..what is the point for having your own heritage site when even the local could not enjoy the heritage and take pride for what they have! For jackin’ up the prices, what is the point? Profit? Understanding that they are taking full advantage of the heritage site because they know that they can make profit from Kinabalu Park because people will actually come to see the place, what if people actually stop coming?!

    The whole tourism and economic will go spiraling down the drain and all of this who else can we blame but the management itself!! Short sighted thinkin’ all for money and not for the heritage wellbeing!!

  8. exasperated

    Yes, the prices have gone up unreasonably. I used to be able to bring friends, colleagues and sometimes strangers to climb this mountain, without spending too much. It used to be interesting, even with the most basic facilities. We were there for the nature, majestic views of the mountain, to get the feelings of being close-up with one of the greatests heritage sites. We were not there to judge how tasty the foods were, or how shiny the walls were and so on. This place is now being commercialized, at the expense of local visitors. Sanctuary Lodge, and perhaps the Sabah Tourism Board itself, have choosen to put aside local interests, and pride and instead have their eyes set on to outsiders who without doubt can generate more financial values. A question to both organizations, you are willing to ‘kill’ your own presumably good-for-nothing children, and then adopt another, is that how it is?

  9. Shamei

    Helow kawan…
    Nothing comes free….Nothing can be the same… Those days we buy sugar at 0.50 but now increase… semua increase cooking oil, fuel etc. So why compaints…if you guys think is too expensive to climb then don’t climb lah..accomdation, facilities at Kinabalu park and laban rata those days is suck and can say also run down because NOBODY CARE.. so now the government appoint somebody to take care dont’t you see the different…. is well maintain … so my point is why complaints is someone can do the job.

  10. Brian C

    Oh Shamei my say the facilities in the park has been improve? Really? I was there recently and the only improvement I see is the place does not have much of a changes..Liwagu Restaurant use to have such a big dining place now it has been cut into half the size. And as per to your accommodation..the standard doesn’t even impresses me..changing a new curtain and a new mattress and a new sheet and a new paint on the old furniture does not mean you have improve the services..if you have the money to fork out RM 700 just to climb the mountain well you must be somebody who has high salary for doing nothing..government can appoint who ever for the care of Kinabalu Park..but charging at a ridiculous rate is too much!! Killing their own business for personal gain!! If you have been up the mountain recently and saying it is now well maintain..well OPEN UP YOUR EYE “MORE” go and see before saying nonsense..and that is if you can even reach to the top!!

  11. Lionel

    I have a 6 bed dorm at Laban Rata from 24-25 July 2008. Looking to sell of the other 3 beds i do not need at COST. Works out to RM282.

    Its Sutera’s policy to sell the entire room, so I’ve got no choice.

    Let me know at and I’ll revert asap.

  12. Sutera Sanctuary is a Blood Sucker

    ya… Agree with those not comfortable with SUTERA SANCTUARY!!!

    1. Before 2008… the Accommodation price only
    RM3/person… then increased to RM12/Person… RM18/person… RM30/person….

    2. Start on the 18th Jan 2008, SUTERA SANCTUARY started selling new package.. Forcing climbers to buy the new package… included the meals…
    the price increase more than 6times…. from RM30/person to RM188/person….

    3. Now, they start selling at RM290/person for Gunting Langadan/non-heater room…. and RM350/person for Laban Rata… for the year of 2009….


    i am wonders…
    1. How can the Ministry Of Tourism approved this new rate?
    2. Ministry dont know? Not care about the locals? Not care about the Climbers? Not care about Tour Company?
    3. Ministry involve in C……..N???

    by the way!!!
    1. Sabah Parks is doing good work to limit the climbing permit, 146/day!
    2. Because they really doing conservation work in The World Heritage- Kinabalu Park…
    3. According to the experts… the carrying capacity of the mount kinabalu only allow 146climbers/day!!!

    1. A lot of tour and travels company cant survive with this new rate!
    2. How can a tour company requet from the guest after confirmed booking or fully paid the tour package fee???
    Eg”Sorry boss, Sutera Sanctuary increase from RM30-188… so our company need to increase another RM160/person in ur package…. i am very sorry for the inconvinient…”
    3. The locals have no more chance to climb MOunt kinabalu- The first World Heritage in Malaysia!!! because of the BURDEN accommodation package!!!

    How can a company profit but burden all the Travel Companies?
    1. SSL bring more rubbish into the park than the improvement in facilities… because selling new package with Pack lunch which is included… plastic, Tapperware, aluminium foil, plactic water Bottle with the Sutera Sanctuary Brand, 100plus tin……
    2. All the travels companies going to bankrupt because of the Selfish SuteraSanctuary!!!

    STGA(Sabah Tourist Guide Association):
    1. What is ur comment?
    2. No action taken?
    3. How can the Tourist Guide survive?

    u are welcome to Email me if got any comment… thanks!!


  13. drizad Post author

    @ Sutera Sanctuary is a Blood Sucker:

    Yeah… This issues are getting more and more annoying to us. This morning I got a visit from my good friend, said that this SSL blood sucking activities is published in Lonely Planet Borneo (latest edition). They said that the climbing part is even more easier than getting a place to stay with SSL.

    Also heard that SSL big boss did not care much about this issue, as long as they reap the profits…

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