Mount Kinabalu is the 10th highest mountain in Southeast Asia

This is the latest information that I received from a friend. According to Wikipedia, Mount Kinabalu is now the 10th highest mountain in Southeast Asia. With 5 new findings of mountains in Myanmar, Mount Kinabalu now drops to number 10 from number 5. I did made a blog post about this in 2008. You may want to check it out here.

Don’t worry Malaysian. Our Mount Kinabalu is still the easiest of the top 10 mountains to climb in Southeast Asia!

Highest Mountain in Southeast Asia

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3 thoughts on “Mount Kinabalu is the 10th highest mountain in Southeast Asia

  1. Dodot

    Just share information, theres still more mountain with more than 3000 height in Indonesia. Such as Pangrango at west java, and many more. But anyway, thank you for your information

  2. Victor

    Might need to update your list. Wikipedia has since been updated and Mt Kinabalu has dropped out of top 10 highest

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