7 thoughts on “Mount Kinabalu successful climber’s plaque”

  1. asmkm, hi, how r u?

    i’m shueqry, stay here in kota kinabalu. Actually, i rent a house in Sinsuran 3 and i’m going online from my little rented room. I’ve found this nice blog fom Google, while searching for postcard of Sabah.

    Keep it up bro, ths blog is good and rich with info, not many sabahan bloggers doing this, especially niche about climbing activities. I will go to this blog regularly from now on.

    salam perkenalan dari saya 🙂

    kota kinabalu, sabah.

    email : shueqry1@gmail.com

  2. Salam perkenalan utk Dr Ruhaizad. Saya dari Kulai, Johor. Kami akan mendaki Gunung Kinabalu pada 29/5 – 2/6/2007. Kami bersama 13 pendaki, kesemuanya lelaki sedang mengumpulkan tips … maklum kami tak pernah jejak Sabah. Kami agak nervous … sekarang kami takut-takut bila tiba di KK he he he … Apakah nasihat Tuan ?

  3. Quote : ” I saw this plaque in a souvenir shop at Kinabalu Park HQ Information Center. It is a glass covered plaque that have a special wood carving on it, showing the Summit Trail up to the peak. Unfortunately, it is not free. You have to buy it from the shop…”

    Nothing comes free these days, my good Doctor. Well, maybe the air that we breath and the sight of Gunung Kinabalu.

    Also to add that this is a good blog on Mt Kinabalu. I am thankful for all the advices mentioned here for me to have a successful climb last month.

    Once again, keep up the good work & Thank You.

  4. Yes, I enjoyed the whole trek from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata and the next day to the summit. It was a great day too, with the sun shining early in the morning when we make the descent back to Laban Rata. The only sad thing is that I suffered severe cramp on my right leg and have to utterly drag myself for the last 3 km before reaching the Timpohon Gate.

    I am grateful as well as thankful for making the whole journey safely.

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