Mount Kinabalu Tragedy (Part 3): Signs that missing British girl still alive

This is the third day of a 10 days news series of Ellie James.

Part 3: Wednesday, August 22, 2001

KOTA KINABALU: Teams scaling through slippery footpaths in the jungle terrain of Mount Kinabalu are keeping their hopes alive of finding missing 16-year-old British schoolgirl Ellie James.
Some of the local team members believe that they have spotted Ellie’s footprints yesterday. She went missing on Aug 16.

As the search entered its sixth day, with the SMART team and General Operations Force personnel joining in to widen the search area, rescuers believe they might have stumbled on branches that were used as a “floor mat” by Ellie in a forested area at the 3,000m level.

SAR team looking for Ellie

SEARCH CONTINUES … General Operations Force personnel moving into the Paka Caves area of Mount Kinabalu Tuesday to search for Ellie.

“We believe the branches were left by the missing girl. We believe she is still alive. We don’t know what her condition is,” said Ranau district police chief Asst Supt Dzulbaharin Ismail yesterday.

He believed that Ellie could have wandered from the 4,095m summit plateau area where she went missing and headed towards the thick forested area on the western face near Kampung Kiau.

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Resource: The Star Archive

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