Mount Kinabalu trip report by Adam Helman

I met Adam when he came here with his two friends, Bob and Rob – just to climb Mount Kinabalu in June this year. They were on their quest to conquer all mountains in South East Asia and a string of volcanoes around this region which are declared as among the “Earth’s Fifty Finest” – the planet’s 50 most prominent peaks.

He claimed that the journey was an extraordinary experience, lasting five weeks and with general success;

  • Four of Earth’s fifty most prominent mountains;
  • Seven of the World Top 100 peaks (ranked by prominence);
  • Five island highpoints (Bali, Borneo, Java, Lombok, and Sumatra);
  • The Malaysian national highpoint, Mount Kinabalu.

Adam have prepared an elaborate trip report with 19 web pages and 176 embedded photographs for their trip.

One is required to have a guide on-trail. The lady, in her twenties, seems to be the only female guide of the bunch. We are issued personal ID badges with our names and date of entry – a system to foil those who would climb the peak without permission.

The hiking route is obvious and well-traveled. It is muddy in many places, with stairsteps cut to lower the effect of erosion. Some steps are quite tall, exceeding one foot. One annoyance is that the trail is nonuniform in grade. It is nearly level in some parts, and somewhat steep (at least for a trail) in others.

Read the rest of his story here.

Adam, guide and Robert

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