Mount Kinabalu via ferrata booking page updates

It has been long overdue. I set up a booking pages for Mount Kinabalu via ferrata adventure together with my existing normal climbing packages few months back. I only managed to put on one package instead of three via ferrata packages that Mountaintorq offers.

Now that I have some time to update the system, I am going to add the other remaining two packages: The Low’s Peak Circuit & The Preamble. While Walk The Torq (the first package) is a “warm up” session of their via ferrata package, the other two packages offers more adventure for you.

The Low’s Peak Circuit (From point A to point C)
You will follow Mountaintorq’s trail down the mountain on Panar Laban Rockface. With this package, you will first summit the Low’s Peak (the highest peak of Kinabalu). And while coming down, a diversion not far from Sayat-Sayat Hut will bring you to this trail.This detour will show you the stunning views and explore hidden corners of the mountain plateau.
This package is suitable for those who NEVER reach the Low’s Peak before and want to get the extra thrill at the same time. First timer should consider this package a bonus – when I went up there 8 years ago, there were no such thing as via ferrata on Kinabalu. Now you can experience TWO adventure in just ONE CLIMB!!!

The Preamble (From point C to point A)
This package will not leads you up to Low’s Peak. It’s a trail that is made in the opposite direction of The Low’s Peak Circuit. While Low’s Peak Circuit leads you down the mountain, The Preamble will leads you up – you will experience the via ferrata by climbing up the route. You will start just after Gunting Lagadan Hut, goes up and ends at Sayat-Sayat, before you go down on the usual Summit Trail back to Pendant Hut.
This package is suitable for those who HAS BEEN up Low’s peak hundreds of time, and not planning to reach the peak again while doing this route. So, for example like me, who has been to Low’s Peak few times, and don’t find sitting on the cold peak with another 100 climbers, jam packed at a very small place, squeeze themselves just to take pictures of their achievement, this is the package to consider.

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