Mount Kinabalu video by Michelle Ng

A very nice and neatly done video by one of our readers. Congratulations, Michelle!

You need to watch it until the end.

14 thoughts on “Mount Kinabalu video by Michelle Ng

  1. Murphy

    Very well-done video!!! One of the best. Too bad she didn’t make it to the top. Hope she will come back again.

  2. Michelle

    Actually i wanted to make the video with English narration. But since our conversations were in Chinese.. i just do it in Chinese.

    I have other videos (diving) which I did in 2 version, one CHinese one English. See my videos in Youtube~ hehe.

  3. Matt

    Lovely capture! I really enjoyed the video. Btw I was in the video, the ‘man’ looking at something in Laban Rata, hahahha!

  4. Matt

    I can’t remember. Prolly looking for hot water at the time, was thinking of sneaking in the ladies bathroom! Hahaha. Btw, the service in Laban Rata sux big time. You should write about that.

  5. Michelle

    When we reached, there was already no more hot water. my girl friend showered with ice cold water!!! i didnt shower at all . kekeke.
    well, watever we write wont change anything, since it’s monopolized by sutera sanctuary..

  6. CL Dang

    Really nice video…reminds me of my trip there and after watching your video makes me wanna go again

  7. Louis Chong

    Dear Michelle Ng..Very beautiful done video.I climbed on 02/11/09.Your video almost had the same conditions.I felt a tear in my eyes when friends says how tired but don’t mind climb again..the same thought i had then.
    Thanks to you with such a wonderful video.Keep up the good work.
    Louis Chong Kuala Lumpur.

  8. TM

    Nicely done! 😀

    I just came back from KK and didnt make it to the summit due to the weather. It was raining for the whole 2 days i was there.

    Next time i will be going in April with better weather and hopefully see what you and your friends saw.

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