Mount Trus Madi travelogue by Murphy Ng

Mount Trus Madi is the second highest mountain in Malaysia. The last time I wrote about Trus Madi was more than two years ago with this post. One of my good friend managed to get himself the taste of the adventure while trekking Mount Trus Madi last few weeks. Murphy Ng wrote a travelogue on Turs Madi in his blog after torturing himself climbing the 2,642 meter mountain.

It’s hilarious and full of colorful photos (thanks to the flora of Trus Madi). He also mentioned the operators who manages climbers up the mountain. However, before you contact them to get yourself the taste of Trus Madi, please bear in mind that Trus Madi is waaaaay more difficult than Kinabalu. If you think that Kinabalu is tough, you better stay away from Trus Madi. But if you are looking for challenges, then Trus Madi will give you one hell of a day.

You may read his post here. Thanks Murphy!

Nephentes xTrusmadiensis

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  1. Tadpole

    Thanks for linking to my blog.

    Now Mt. Trus Madi is easier to climb because the new starting point is about 3 to 4 KM shorter than the old trail.

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