My Newsletter (with Drupal back-end) broke down…

It’s just my regular update of my website. I have been seeing Fantastico update service offering me to update my Drupal from version 4.7 to 5.1. I am not that keen initially to update it, as I have a very bad experience with similar update with Drupal before. The last time I update my Drupal, I need to reconfigure almost all my templates and themes and my Adsense module is not working. It took me another 2 days to figure it out.

This morning, I felt that it’s good to update, but I still feel ambivalent. And, to my horror, my prediction is right. My Drupal broke when I click the update button. The only thing that came out from my Newsletter directory of Mount Kinabalu (that is run by Drupal CMS) is the content, without any theme and css styles. Worse still, I saw 2 lines of Error Message coming up on the first page of the Newsletter. What a disappointment with Drupal! It’s the thing that every webmaster do not like to see! I did not have any problem when I update/upgrade my WordPress with Fantastico.

Drupal - Not so good CMS. Not recommended…

I was really disappointed with Drupal, as this is not my first experience. I called Exabytes network for technical support and they are still trying to fix the mess up.

So, if you are looking for CMS (content management system), don’t use Drupal, especially if you are a newbie. Get WordPress instead. It’s easier to maintain and idiot proof.

For you who have been following my Mount Kinabalu Newsletter, do not worry. If I have time, I will try to migrate all the database on my Drupal to other “less-give-headache” CMS.

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4 thoughts on “My Newsletter (with Drupal back-end) broke down…

  1. Firdhaus Ismail

    I want to setup CMS website and i really dont know which one i should decide between Drupal and WP. Then when you not recommend Drupal,i have find the right answer.

  2. Salocin.TEN

    Personally, I went for Drupal because of its ease of use. I was a strong supporter of Joomla, then I went to WordPress, and now I migrated onwards to Drupal.

    After many days, you really do realise the full power and flexilibity of Drupal.

    In WordPress, I had to mess with the theme’s source code, which can break it.
    Whereas in Drupal, I did not need to, most of the time.

    Somewhere in the Drupal Administration configuration, there is an option to turn off the log messages on the main screen. That should do the trick before un-recommending Drupal.

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