My Linux Xandros OCE 3.0.2 Screenshots

I just would like to share with you (especially other doctors) who would like to see what Xandros Linux looks like. I hereby show you 10 screenshots of my Desktop (notebook to be precise)…

Launch Menu Launch menu = Start Menu in Windows.

Xandros File Manager Xandros File Manager = Windows File Manager.

Solitaire in Linux Solitaire in Xandros.

PowerPoint in Open Office Presentation PowerPoint in Open Office Impress.

Xandros Network Xandros Network, where you download Xandros compatible software and applications.

Xandros Desktop Help Xandros Desktop Help.

Xandros Control Center Xandros Control Center, where you can configure your desktop environment.

CD and DVD burner K3b, where you burn your discs.

Email application KDE Mail, your simple email application.

Xandros logout and shutdown session Xandros logout and shutdown page.

That’s it for now. If you would like to know more on Xandros, just go to

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