MyeMoney – Change your Paypal money to Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

It’s known that if you have money in Paypal account, and you are Malaysian, its difficult (almost impossible) for you to cash your money out. I have been using Paypal for the past 1 year, and I have to buy something in the net so that I get some benefit from the so called ‘frozen money’. It was not until I found a website owner which kind of ‘trade’ our Paypal money. His name is James, and he run the website

I just would like to share with you my good experience while trading with James. His reply was prompt and professional. I got my Paypal money cash out in less than an hour!

I will show you the evidence of his reliability:

This is the receipt that I received after I fill in the form in his website, requesting for exchange my Paypal money to Ringgit Malaysia (RM or internationally known as MYR).


After few minutes, I received an email, requesting me to transfer my Paypal money to his account.

Request for money (Paypal email)

After few automated email from Paypal stating that I send and he received the money, I received an email from James saying that he transferred the amount of money I requested in my account. All of the above process took me less than an hour.

Maybank receipt

So, if you have some ‘loose’ money inside Paypal, and do not know how to go about it, why not ask James for a favour. Although it’s not free, I don’t mind paying him 5% paying charges for the service that he give.

Verdict: I will give 5/5!

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17 thoughts on “MyeMoney – Change your Paypal money to Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

  1. Sarena Benedict

    Yes indeed, james website ( for trading paypal to malaysian ringgit ) is the best !!

    Ive deal with him several times and he responded to me very fast!!! No fear that you might loose the money as he is a trusted fellow!!

    Keep it up James!! Thanks a lot for making an effort to provide this kinda service!!!


  2. Ronald

    I had some deals with James a couple of time. fast transaction. there’s a time where it only took 30 minutes for me to received it in my pbe after i request it. highly recommended and trusted guy.

    but, sadly the paypal to ringgit service is closed right now. can’t wait for it to reopen on 18 march later…Aramaiti!!!

  3. Keaty

    Good exchanger … giving a good service , information bout how the transaction work…the most important is trustable….i will giving this side as 5/5 too..

  4. Wan Hilmee

    HE IS SO GREAT!!!!

  5. sudin-

    hi rohaizad..
    i also deal with for paypal and egold exchange to RM. Very fast and reliable! πŸ™‚ this info is very usefull for all malaysians that facing problem with emoney exchange especially with paypal…:)

    all the best!

  6. Faith

    How come emoney cant provide the service to Exchange Paypal Money to Ringgit Malaysia at the moment? How long will it be temporary stop.?
    Is there ay other way to get around with it?


  7. sedjet

    I too agree. he offers fast and reliable service. i’ve made a few transaction with him and all good. unfortunately he doesnt offer service for paypal exchange. what a pity. i would definitely recommend his service to anyone.

    “Dear Customers,

    Due to some technical issue, we have difficulty to provide this service.

    We are sorry to announce that MyeMoney Paypal Service will be temporary stop.

    We are sorry if cause any inconvenience.

    Thank you,


  8. drizad Post author

    @ lim zhe yuan:

    The easiest is get yourself a Public Bank Debit card. Then link the debit card with your Paypal account through Paypal. Paypal will usually charge USD5 for each transaction you do.

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