Native Rungus accessories

I went for a medical camp last Sunday in Kampung Muhang. Situated in the district of Kudat, the place is populated by Rungus people. Yes, they are the same native race group as my wife, but unfortunately, she do not know all the accessories that I shoot here.

Just would like to share with you the things that you wont find it anywhere else – except Borneo…

Rungus people

Tinohian – the one that is put on the head of male elderly Rungus people.

Rungus people

Togkol – the one that is put on the neck.

Rungus people

Barefoot is common here…

Rungus people

Sadang – Earings.

Rungus people

Linongkitan – fabric material that is worn by Rungus women.
Saring, Batakan, Olitang, Satu – A group of bracelet, worn by Rungus women, made with brass.

Rungus people

A Rungus elderly men with Sigal (on the head).

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  1. Kay Kastum

    I believe the Rungus tribe in the kampung are one of the few tribes in Sabah that still portray traditional elements..of course it’s diminishing very quickly too.

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