New date for Borneo International Marathon (BIM) 2013 – 25th August

I received the email from race official last Sunday:

My dear Friends,

At last, the elections are over, the nation has settled down and we have finished with the Race Committee meeting on deciding the date of BIM

2013. We have met up with the authorities, permission has been granted and the stadium booked.

The date for BIM2013 is on 25 August 2013, starting at 3.00 am with the Full Marathon, followed by Half Marathon at 5.00 am and then 10Km run at 6.15 am.

We are very sorry for the postponement but when the Police advised us to postpone it, we had no choice. It would have been wrong to ignore it. Once again, we are very sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience but it was completely out of our hands.

Our responsibility is to our Runners and not the event. Believe me, the whole Organizing Committee, Volunteers, Sponsors and Officials were equally disappointed. Money had already been spent on rentals, staff and timing systems. We would have liked nothing better than to have carried on. It was such an anti-climax for us, made worse by not having a climax!

We will not let this hold us back. We are determined and our spirits are restored to make BIM2013 on 25 August 2013 an enjoyable and successful race.

We wish you the very best and look forward to seeing you.


Best wishes,
Race director

Lets continue training!

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