New rates of fee charges for visitors to Sabah Parks

Effective from 1st of September 2008, Sabah Parks will impose new rates of fee charges for visitors like you and me. You may want to check it out if you decided to have some good time in one of Sabah Parks destinations:

  1. Kinabalu Parks (where Mt. Kinabalu is)
  2. Turtle Islands Park (east coast of Sabah, 40km north of Sandakan)
  3. Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Park (just 15 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu, a group of 5 beautiful islands)
  4. Pulau Tiga Park (where Survivors television series took place in 2001)
  5. Tawau Hill Parks (24km north west of Tawau)
  6. Crocker Range Park (where you could find Rafflesia blooming)

Few of the changes that I noticed:

  • Mt. Kinabalu mountain guides now can only take maximum 6 climbers at each climb.
  • They have also state clearly the fees for those who wants to go to other peaks of Kinabalu.
  • Expedition fee means that any climb that is done in Kinabalu Park other that the usual trail, Summit Trail and Mesilau Trail.
  • The porter fee has also change. I am not sure whether each porter can only bring 10kg per trip, as I usually see them bring up to 40kg before.
  • Conservation fee for most places still RM3 for Malaysian.

Check it out here:

1 thought on “New rates of fee charges for visitors to Sabah Parks

  1. Jason

    Does that mean that Sabah Parks mt guide from guiding 8 to 6 pax per group now?
    and is this refer to less Mt Guide fee? I supposed so since Mt Guide is guiding less customers.. right?

    How much has the porter fees increase? Does anyone knows?

    I thought, the conservation fee is also know as entrance fee? Is now at RM15.00 per person.

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