Newsletter migration from Drupal to WordPress completed

For the past few days, I was working really hard to make sure that the “new face lift” of our newsletter is running fine. I dumped my Drupal CMS through the Fantastico package on my webhost and install a new WordPress engine to take responsibility on running the newsletter. Now, I have 2 WordPress running in the same server (this blog and the newsletter). Fantastico package can only help you on installing one WordPress copy (by default) but you can install another copy – by getting your hand a bit dirty on the installation.

After downloading the WordPress package, the installation runs fine with my second copy of WordPress in a new subdirectory /news, but I did found some glitches on the .htacess issue. I get it solved in about an hour -after referring the file with my existing .htacess copy in my /blog subdirectory. After a successful installation, the migration process of the data is easy. I just “View>Page Source” of my Drupal /newsletter page, copy the necessary text and paste it on my WordPress. It is easier and you don’t have to fiddle around with database migration. Last but not least, the link URL for the existing Newsletter (/newsletter) must be change, but changing without taking a proper precaution can end your page up at 404 corner. Luckily for me, the webhosting services have a redirect service. I redirect the old /newsletter link to /news page.

Currently, the new Newsletter works fine. You can check the new link here:

In my opinion, there are a lot of advantages on using WordPress compared to Drupal. For me, they are:

  1. Easier to install and upgrade.
  2. Small php scripts file.
  3. Good support team.
  4. A lot of themes.
  5. A lot of plugins, especially Adsense plugins. Although Drupal have Adsense plugin themselves, the script administration is bloated, difficult to install and configure and I don’t think it worked with my previous newsletter.
  6. Nice back end. You can distinguish the back end and the front end of the CMS. Not like Drupal, it ‘looks’ the same. Make me confuse all the time.
  7. Easier to upload images to the post.
  8. The main thing is that I got complains from the visitors saying that they could not Register themselves through Drupal to leave comments. I have no difficulty with WordPress.
  9. WordPress just ROCKS!

Want your own WordPress website and blog? I get mine from Exabytes:

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  2. Russell

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