Not a wondeful anniversary…

It’s Mount Kinabalu first year anniversary today. Unfortunately, it’s not a good day to celebrate. At this moment of writing, my babysitter is in the Emergency Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She accidentally cut her finger while preparing my children’s meal at home this morning. I called my old friend, a medical assistant in the department to take care of her.

Well, at the same time, nobody is looking after my two kids. So, she has to bring them to the hospital with her – and deliver it to my wife – who is still working in the jam packed Female Medical Ward. Luckily, she asked help from my brother in-law to fetch her to the hospital. Now, my wife is still looking for him whom temporarily babysitting my two kids – probably at the hospital car park. From what I get, there were no serious injury, no tendon cut, but the bleeding seems does not stop with just a simple pressure.

Me? I knocked a 4WD backside this morning – also at the hospital. The guy who drove the vehicle is my wife’s Nursing Sister’s son. Well, we both would like to get out from a busy junction, when suddenly he stopped in front of me. Brrraaannnggg! I crashed my hood, bumper, mudguard, right headlight and I don’t know what else, on to his bumper. Luckily, the radiator was not involved.

My car at Tip of Borneo

We went to Kota Kinabalu Police station, make a police report. I met with some familiar faces in the station – a Sargent and two inspector – whom very helpful on dealing with my case (We worked together before on handling dead bodies from motor vehicle accident, while I was in the Emergency Department). They even treat me with “teh tarik” while waiting for the report to be ready. As I am the guilt party, I have to pay the compound – RM250, but have not. After making few calls, I contacted my insurance company, Takaful Nasional and asked my agent on what to do next. The Sargent have a contact with a Takaful Nasional panel workshop and help me to contact them. In about half an hour, the guy from the workshop came and take some photos of my damaged car. I spend almost two hours in the police station.

I drove home, picked my insurance cover note and pink slip of my car, get it photostated and drove slowly to the workshop. I noticed that my car lost it’s “power” when I drive it. Later on, when I arrived there, the mechanic found out that one of my spark plug cable was cut. That is why the car losses its power, as it only use 3 out of 4 available spark plugs. After submitting all my documents, I head back to clinic in a mini bus.

Phew… I don’t know what will happen later of the day, but I pray to God, let it end here and now. Hopefully no more unfortunate events happen today. From what I’ve been told, the car will have to remain in the workshop – for at least 10 days…

As I don’t have a camera phone, I could not share with you my damaged car. Maybe in the next few days, after my visit to the workshop to see my car undergoing ‘operation”.

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