Now share with us your SSL experiences…

After 3 days fighting spam bots with my phpBB version 2, I decided to upgrade it to phpBB3. Unfortunately, the configuration for administrator sucks. I don’t know why, but it took me longer time to configure it out compared to the existing Simple Machine forum engine.

Kinabalu ForumLuckily, only Kay and Meng Chwen registered, and no ‘genuine’ forum post written yet.

Now that I have improvise registration process, I am hoping that there will be no more automatic bots registration into the forum.

Now back to our serious business…

I want your feedback on SSL.

Any experiences will do, either good or bad. But I know, mostly bad experiences.

They rarely answer phone calls. Even if they do, they don’t do it professionally.

They rarely answer emails that was emailed from their official website. And most of the emailers contact me for explanation.

They will ask you to call them everyday to check whether there are any cancellation on their booking in Laban Rata. But when you call, they rarely pick up the phone.

The booking is always full.

It sucks isn’t it?

Now please don’t comment here. Please get into the forum (You have to register yourself in. It is a simple process), and write up your experiences. I am hoping to get as much as I can. I even have made a forum post specifically for you on that matter.

Share your experiences dealing with Sutera Sanctuary Lodges with us!

Saya juga menulis topik yang sama dalam Bahasa Melayu, supaya pembaca berbahasa Melayu juga dapat memberikan maklumbalas di atas topik yang sama.

Kongsi pengalaman berhubungan dengan Sutera Sanctuary Lodges bersama kami!

See you inside!

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