Nuffnang and Advertlets – are they any good?

Advertlets Nuffnang

I came across those two websites while trying to expand my capabilities of my blog to generate some side income. I found Adverlets first – while surfing Redesign Malaysia website. The deal from Advertlets sounds very appealing – with “RM15k for the first 300 blogger”, it will definitely opens some Malaysian bloggers eye. I did register myself as one of the bloggers, although I don’t do it whole heartedly. Just trying to dip my toes in the water.

The registration went smoothly, and I did emailed Josh Lim directly about that RM15k that he offers. He replied within 2 days and ask me to send him a story about Advertlets before I post it on my blog. Then, I went to put on the necessary script on my blog sidebar. After the installation, I notice my WordPress backend behave strangely. It seems that when I click “Save and Continue Editing”, the Post Preview page will show like this:

Advertlets bugs?

It showed “Wrong Code for Wrong Domain”. I think it was a bug, but I don’t mind it to behave like that. I just wonder what happen when a novice blogger saw this. They might freak out.

The next bug (I think?) is that the script does not compatible with some of my WordPress Theme. The post that I wrote published itself automatically, although I just click on “Save and Continue Editing” and not the “Publish” button. However, it does not behave that way with my current theme.

The other thing that make me skeptics about Advertlets was that “Poll” version of advertisement to attract new bloggers and advertisers. I don’t know about Advertlets result, but I don’t have a good conversion/click through rate when I put my own “Poll” on my blog. Why don’t they put the classic banner type of ads instead?

Next is Nuffnang. What’s with the name? Sounds really creative for blogger-advertiser network. Maybe they follow what Google does. It took me sometime to convince myself that this is one of this blogger-advertiser network. I found Nuffnang later on after seeing some of their banner ads. I must say they have a “clickable” appealing banner ads.

So far, I did not found any technical problem with Nuffnang – yet. The banner ads that they provide suits nicely to my sidebar. The only comment is that it took ages to load. I wonder how long for the banner will load on TmNut dial-up.

Anyway, I took the chances to put both the ads on the sidebar, above and below, like the one you see —>. Lets run an experiment for exactly 1 month. Let us see the result which one of those ads give a higher conversion/click through rate.

For the brains behind both of the platform – Advertlets and Nuffnang – I would suggest that you set up a forum site for bloggers of your network. Sometimes we need direct interaction and communication rather than just blogging (like how do you deal with bugs?).

So, to answer the question: Are they any good? Only time will tell…

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5 thoughts on “Nuffnang and Advertlets – are they any good?

  1. yongkailoon

    I do agree that time will tell which is better as both are still new and under beta phase.

    Also, you are up in my blogroll too. Cheers. 😀

  2. Advertlets support

    The “Wrong code for wrong domain” error has been fixed. The reason why the error was showing is because currently we are running Impressions-based campaigns for our publishers.

    So in order to protect the interests of our Advertisers, we cannot allow our publishers to paste their code on any website. The publishers Getcode will only function based on the domain name you used while registering to our network.

    So when we launched the anti-fraud impressions system, we realised a number of blogs showed the “Wrong code wrong domain error”, but we’ve gotten that fixed. Thanks again for your concern!

    The Advertlets Team

  3. Boss Lepton

    Great, let’s wait 1 month to see the result. I already have an answer for you dude, the viewmalaysia ad will be the winner on top lol. Why? Niama, RM1 to go to langkawi….. I also wan la. last time i took a boat from kuala kedah to langkawi it cost me more than RM20 for the boat ticket alone.

  4. Timothy Tiah

    Thank you very much for the mention.

    We’re glad that you have yet to find any bugs yet with our website but I’m sure it might be a matter of time until you do. We have made our fair share of mistakes in the past but we have learned from them quickly never to repeat it again.

    So if you were to ever find a flaw in Nuffnang, please do let us know… you’ll be doing us all a big favour and helping us all to improve.

    -Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang

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