One climber slot on 19th March 2009

I received an email from Stacy. She is looking for a climber to join her group on 19th March 2009 as she overbooked the beds. You may contact her if you are interested.

There are 5 of us however, we booked accommodation for 6 at Laban rata room on 19 March 2009.
If there is anyone (unfortunately it’s only for one) who may interested in bunking in with us, we can accommodate. The price is MYR 347.
Please email me details if there is anyone who’s interested.


13 thoughts on “One climber slot on 19th March 2009

  1. abdullah

    Assalamualaikom drizad!
    Saya akan ke kk pada malam 27 feb. Terus ke kundasang dan mula mendaki pagi 28 feb. In Sya Allah.

  2. Henry

    Hi.. i’m planning to climb mt.kk with my friends. Just wondering if Stacy can provide me the info on how to go about to organize the trip. Who should I contact for the package and etc. Appreciate lots. I’m a malaysian by the way.

  3. faida

    anyone has any vacancy or overbooked slot to climb Mount Kinabalu this year from july-dec? i’m Malaysian btw.

  4. katha1001

    can I ask you how you did your booking at laban rata? I only found the website through which I can book the three nights/food package but the park fees and the guide are not yet included. Is there a chance to do an online booking in advance for a reasonable price? Or is it best to directly call the hostel or the Kinabalu Gold Resorts inn KK they are working with together?

    I am interested getting only the night in Laban Rata OR alternatively a 3 night/2 day package.

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