PADI Open Water Diver course – come join me!

I blogged about my first SCUBA diving experience last April when I did my DSD with Borneo Divers. I am now going to get myself certified with PADI – to get my Open Water Diver certificate soon.

After much planning and consideration, I manage to get Roslan to help me on getting the best bargain package (without compromising learning qualities) on the course.

As I cannot get 4 days leave straight, I planned it during weekend – including 1 public holiday, Deepavali. So, this would be the tentative dates:

Classroom session: Sunday, 19th October 2008, will be held in Borneo Divers @ Menara Jubilee, Jalan Gaya. Formally, it is an 8 hour session, maybe start in the morning and end in the late afternoon. We will be teached on basic SCUBA diving using videos and maybe some online material.

In the water session: This will take 3 days straight – from 25th to 27th of October 2008, will be held in Mamutik Island. It’s Saturday to Monday – Monday is public holiday (Deepavali), so we take the opportunity to get the most out of the holiday. The best thing about this in the water session is that all 9 teaching dives will be held in Mamutik Island itself. If you do this in Kuala Lumpur for example, the session will be held in swimming pool. How not cool is that?

As the course is still open and it’s open to everybody, I would like to invite you to join me. Until now, only 2 have confirmed with me. Just drop me an email if you want to join.

The cost? You may try to ask around. If you go alone, it may cost you more than RM1000 for PADI Open Water Diver course. SSI cost is usually lower, but there are a lot of advantage on getting PADI certification. I promise to give you the best bargain around.

When you have the world’s top dive site at your own backyard, it is almost inappropriate NOT to get a diving license!!!

Come and join me. The more, the merrier…

PADI Open Water DVD

14 thoughts on “PADI Open Water Diver course – come join me!

  1. drizad Post author

    @ Jusdy J.:

    buli bah… mau diving tak payah pandai berenang pun takpe. nanti pandai jugak lelama dalam air.
    tapi kalu pandai berenang, ada advantage sket lah.

    marilah join sekali!

  2. irman

    ha’ah la doc, u got a point there!
    however, air fares to KK alone will cost me a bomb lah! hahaha
    anyhow, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir & batin

  3. katun

    yo Ijat…..aku pun dah ada itu lesen for 4 ke 5 tahun kot…diving memang best!! Tapi jangan lupa, macammana huu-hara pun, dont forget to breathe down there k….Good luck ijat

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  6. Haikal

    Salam. I’m Haikal, staying in Likas, KK.
    I was planning for a weekend trip this weekend (i was just given leave on monday). can you suggest anything that is possible to be arranged in this short period of time? maybe a day trip?
    i am interested in DSD, as i never dived before. never climbed in KK either 🙁
    please do reply asap, thanks!!

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