Kudat photo #33

This is a photo taken at Kg. Muhang, Kudat, when we went for a community project for the locals. We went there for clean water project and medical outreach in 2007. You can still find these type of houses in the interior part of Sabah today.

Mount Kinabalu photos #31

I am not sure whether I have shared with you this photo before. It’s my photo with my wife on the Summit Plateau, taken on 27th January 2003. It was my third attempt to the peak. At the back, you can see the magnificent South Peak.

Mount Kinabalu photos #28

Crocker Range summits (upper right) seen from Mount Kinabalu Summit Plateau. On any clear morning, you can see the summits very clearly as you decent from Low’s Peak. A breathtaking views indeed. This photo was taken in 1960’s by Uncle Tony.