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I received another email (in Malay) from Cikgu Ismail, a teacher from SMK Indahpura, Kulai, yesterday, saying that they successfully summit Kinabalu Peak on the 30th May 2007. Congratulations for his team!!!

Saya baru sahaja tiba di JBahru. Wowww … dahsyat dan sangat mencabar. Low’s Peak sangat cantik & panoramic. Nostalgia mendaki GKinabalu 2002 telah berulang.

Sekarang kaki rasa kejang-kejang. Paha, betis, pinggang sengal-sengal. 2002 tak macam ni perit. Mungkin dah tak fit ???

OK … saya gembira dapat berjumpa Dr. hari Selasa. Tapi terkilan tak dapat jumpa masa I turun KK semalam / Jumaat. I ada singgah Klinik, malam … saja-saja nak ambil gambar depan Klinik + nak cari no telefon u, nak call ajak makan malam + sembang2 … tak ada no hp ???

Bersama ini disertakan 3 gambar mendaki. Kebetulan masa di Low’s Peak bateri kamera habis. So pic atas puncak tak dapat attach kat u. Tapi gambar di LPeak ada pada member lain.

Tak ada ucapan lain selain : Seronok ………………… bangga ……… syukur ………….. XPDC sangat berbaloi.

Cikgu Ismail on Kinabalu

Cikgu Ismail & me in front of Sabah Tourism Building

Cikgu Ismail in front of my clinic

Terima kasih, cikgu!!!

More YouTube clips from Digi Fu-Yoh! Street Blast, Kota Kinabalu

Because of the request from Josh Lim (Advertlets) for more YouTube clips from Digi Fu-Yoh! Street Blast at Padang Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 2nd June 2007, I hereby present to you few more clips from the event.
I must tell you that the audio of the clip is not so good, because:

  1. I record the event with my new Canon Powershot A460, an entry level digital camera which gives so-so quality of videos and audios.
  2. I stand really close to the sub-woofer (as I got backstage pass from Eric), and there is no other better place nearer to the stage. Anywhere nearer, I might be chased away by the RELA guy.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the clip!

Joe Fizzlow – Alhamdulillah…

Lo – Line is Dead!!! You rock bro!!!

DJ Uno with Stylustiks.

Their dancers!!!

Digi Fuuuuuuuuuu-Yooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!

This is a post about Digi Fu-Yoh! Street Blast at Kota Kinabalu on 2nd June 2007. Kind of a photo-blog…

Nothing wrong with the title. It was meant to be like that. After accepting the assignment from Josh Lim (Advertlets) couple of days back, I bought a new Canon PowerShot A460 digital camera just for the event. My Sony Cybershot S40 died a month ago after serving my family for 2+ years.

Anyway, I headed to Padang Merdeka, in the heart of Kota Kinabalu city exactly at 7pm. I know, it’s early, but I just want to make sure that I won’t be caught in traffic. I called Eric (nice guy) who is one of Digi representative which supposed to give me a special entry pass – and he did.

It started a bit slow with few songs from the winners of Digi Celebri-Teen competition 2006, but it was not long. Estranged, a local Sabahan group lead by Rich AF4, live up the night with an energetic performance. And the night goes really Fuuuuu-Yooooooh!!!!! after that.

Need I say more? I think pictures and maybe few YouTube clips will tell you more than a thousand word. Enjoy!!!

Yellow Man – The official Digi mascot for their promotion. They are dancing with Siarra.

Disagree. Sorry for the audio. I was standing in front of their sub-woofer…

Want to see more YouTube clip? Check it out HERE!!!

Yellow Man & me
Manage to get hold on one of them. They are not suppose to be talking.

Yellow Man with me and another blogger!

Yellow Man with Me and another blogger ( He is actually not from Sabah, but have stayed here for the past 1 month. Unlucky for him, his digital camera fell into the sea while having a good time at Pulau Manukan.

Lo. Cool guy!

I did get hold with Lo. Mentioned to him that I like him – without his Chelsea!!! Cheers bro!

Rich from Estranged

Rich and Estranged.


The good thing about having a backstage pass was this. I managed to capture this photo of Lo without any disturbance. Thanks to Eric for giving us the backstage pass!


Lo. Really cool…

Disagree - a Malaysian English group

Disagree – a Malaysian English group. They sang a slower note that night.

Padang Merdeka

Good turnout. Padang Merdeka was full!!!

Chan from PBSM

It’s good to see a familiar face. Chan from PBSM. He used to work with me when I was in the hospital and stand-by for this kind of event.

Digi Celebri-teen

Digi Celebri-Teen 2006 winners who performed that night.


Is this what they call breakdance?


They also have ramp with skaters!!!

Padang Merdeka

Oh, just would like to show you the place of the event.

I would like to thank these people for giving me the opportunity to have a Fu-Yoh! time that night!

  1. Josh Lim from Advertlets, who trusted me on this assignment. I hope I get a good grade with this post, bro!
  2. Digi Fu-Yoh! Street Blast for bringing some of the unfamiliar group (the first time for Disagree to perform in KK) to Kota Kinabalu.
  3. Eric (cool guy) who bring us backstage to meet one of my favorite singer – Lo. (Okay, I will get my Digi Fu-Yoh! number today)
  4. blogger. Sorry… I forgot to ask your name.

So, why not register for Advertlets? It will may be your turn being paid to blog by Advertlets!!!

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Successful money transfer from PayPal to my E*Trade account

Unending (or non ending?) challenge for Malaysian citizen who have (have to!) PayPal account – unable to withdraw the money from PayPal account directly – unless they do either:

  1. Have an E*Trade Brokerage account.
  2. Use Virtual Money Inc. debit card.

And to make it even worse, lately, PayPal have reviewed back the account which connected to VMI debit card. It seems that PayPal claimed that VMI is not a financial institution, and PayPal sniffed that most of Asian countries which is not certified and high fraudulent rate (like Malaysia) use it to take their money out. Hmmm…. it makes our life even more difficult eh?

Me? Luckily, I received E*Trade Platinum Debit Card last week. After activating, it took me another few days of experimenting the validity of the card and at last, I managed to transfer the funds from PayPal to my E*Trade account this morning. It took 4 days for the transaction to be completed. Here is the screenshot:


My PayPal account…

E*TRADE Financial

My E*Trade account…

So, if you still do not have an account, apply for E*Trade. It took me 9 months waiting for the card. I guess it’s worth a wait!

Thinking of having a vacation?

Vacation Rentals by OwnerPlanning your vacation includes deciding what to take with you and what to leave behind. To make the vacation packing easier (and cheaper) for you, then you might have to consider this:

  1. Lighten up. Luggage that’s heavy before you put anything in it will be a nightmare to transport when it’s full. Invest in the lightest bags you can find. Your clothes and other personal items will more than make up for the difference in weight.
  2. Carry on what you can. If you’re flying, ask your carrier how many bags you’re allowed to take on board. If you can fit all your necessities in one bag, do. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait 20 minutes or so at baggage claim – provided, of course, that your bags actually arrive with you.
  3. Take advantage of amenities. Pack as few toiletries and cosmetics as possible in the smallest containers possible. Don’t take anything that you know your hotel will supply, such as soap and shampoo.
  4. Mix and match. By selecting your travel wardrobe wisely, you can make many outfits from just a few articles of clothing. Two shirts and two pairs of shorts or pants could last you four days with a little creative coordination. Accessories can increase your outfit options.
  5. Pack with panache. When packing your suitcase, put shoes and other heavy items on the bottom. Next go lightweight items, followed by wrinkle-prone items on top. Use plastic bags to house and separate items and to hold dirty clothing on your return trip.
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Happy vacation!

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A stone with a human face on Mt. Kinabalu

I received an email from Cikgu Ismail, a teacher from SMK Indahpura, Kulai last week. He attached a photo claimed to be taken from the mountain by other Mount Kinabalu climbers, showing a stone with a human face on it. This is the first time I heard about it, and I just would like to share the photo with you.

I am not sure whether you can appreciate the photo. You may need to switch on your imaginative thinking if you don’t see it.

Stone with a human face

Advertlets vs Nuffnang – result after 1 month

I did mentioned to you about getting the result after running both ads for 1 month. Nuffnang and Advertlets have served this blog for more than 30 days, a time frame that is good enough to gauge how much they have spent for a blogger/webmaster like me. I don’t want to comment, but you can see it for yourself:

Nuffnang screenshot:


Advertlets screenshot:


I will wait until my bank statement change with those numbers…