Climbing Mount Kinabalu in ONE DAY???

YES, you can climb Mount Kinabalu in ONE day, climb up in the morning, and climb down in the afternoon. I called Sabah Parks Ranger office just now, inquiring about the possibility of 3 US citizen summit Kinabalu in ONE day. They said it is possible, but there are few things that you have to do.

1. You have to present yourself (and your two other friends) in Kinabalu Park at least a day before your intention to climb. Look for the Manager of the Park, Mr. Haji Abdul Wahab and ask to get the permission & permit to climb in one day. If he is not around, look for the Kinabalu Park Ranger On-Call, and mention the same thing. If everything is satisfactory, You will then can check in to where you have book for your night stay.

2. For ONE day climb, you will then be allowed to climb next morning after confirmation from the Rangers. Guide, insurance and permit is compulsory, i.e. guide will be around RM100-150 for the group, insurance will be around RM10 and permit will be RM100 per person. Certificate of achievement is optional (RM10). All fees to be paid next morning before the climb.

3. You need to start climbing very early next morning, usually before 7am. Better to wake up at 6, and head to the Park office and you will be allocated the guide for you. You will start the climb earlier than other regular climber.

4. You will not allowed to continue your climb to the peak, if you are not able to reach Laban Rata before noon (12pm) or if the weather is not permitting.

Remember, you need to be really FIT, maybe as fit as a climbathon runner… or maybe at least 50%of their ability…

PayPerPost – the best blogger-advertiser platform so far

Green HeartI must admit that I love PayPerPost, although I have just joined them 11 days. So far, I have earned USD52 from only 4 sponsored post that I wrote, and there are plenty more coming. I joined other blogger-advertiser network also, but I personally felt that PayPerPost is the best.

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There is some challenge though, for us Malaysian. As PayPerPost paid bloggers through PayPal, it may be a bit difficult for Malaysian bloggers to cash it out. I don’t mind, as I am aiming to reach USD650 as soon as possible in PayPal to be able to buy a new Nikon D40 DSLR online.

I Love Mt. Kinabalu

Another email that makes me feel “the warmth of giving” inside. This email from Andrea Lau was received on May 8…

Hi! Ruhaizad. I just back from Sabah last Saturday. It’s was a great x 100 experience. We finally manage to reach the summit of Mt. Kinabalu although it was a tough journey. I totally can’t sleep the night when we stay at Laban Rata because of too excited and tired. Thanks to our great Mt. guide Mr. Lazarus, he helps us a lot especially the next early morning. We nearly freeze along the way to summit because of bad weather (raining), but luckily the sky turned brighter and we had the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise and a full view of this great Mt. Kinabalu.

Unfortunately i didn’t see the ‘sacrifice pool’ on the way down, but my friends did because Mr. Lazarus told me to descent first as i walked too slow. So i have no idea where is the ‘sacrifice pool’ ha…ha..

I saw people collecting rubbish along the way, and i remember what i saw in your blog pictures that the way to Laban Rata looked like a dumping area, but now is very clean. By the time, i was excited and i said to myself :” Oh! I need to tell Ruhaizad this good news.” Ha..ha..ha..

It was truly amazing experience, and i promise myself i will be back.


For Andrea, thank you for your email. I really appreciate it. reached 10,000 unique visitors!!!

It took me 14 months to achieve 10,000 unique visitors. Thank you for those who have been supporting me on Mount Kinabalu The website, which is full of vital information, written with a “DIY solo travel adventure” in mind. From “Getting Here” to “Summit Trail (Night Climb)”, the website brings you step by step (in chronological order) guide on what you are going to face on your quest to the highest peak in South East Asia.

Mount Kinabalu visitor count

The website free informations, tips, secrets and guidelines will always be free, thank you to our donors, (which I also mention their names on this blog sidebar) which have made me able to fund the webhosting fees. Some of the funding also comes form our advertisers, which you can see from almost every page that you read.

I am also an Open Source and FSF supporter. As I think giving back what I have made is one of the best way to feel “the warmth of giving” inside, I also licensed this website and blog with Creative Commons. If you are not familiar with what I am talking about you can always feel free to check it out.

At this moment, Aiden and I are in a transition period. We are going to expand our website, from just providing information to travelers to providing services, especially for those who would like us to help on their trip to Kinabalu. We actually have been doing that for the past couple of months, but still under a trail and error. Hopefully, it will be materialize soon.

Firefox plugin for hardcore EPL fans!

I am an MU fan/supporter, but not a hardcore one. My brother is. I showed him how to use Firefox for his browsing activities, and he suggested this plugin for updates on EPL (English Premier League) results.

FootieFoxFootieFox is a very small plugin which will show you the real time result of ongoing football matches – worldwide (except Malaysia…). From World Cup to USA’s football (they call it soccer there) result, FootieFox can let you customized the result for your preferred team. It will even alert you if a goal is scored.

So, if you are busy blogging and don’t want to watch the team playing on Astro Channel 81, FootieFox can be a great companion while your eyes stuck on your computer screen.

You can download the plugin from Firefox Add-ons page.

Sabah Parks – The body who manage Mount Kinabalu

Sabah ParksSome of us may not know that Mount Kinabalu is managed and conserved by Sabah Parks, the trustee body which was constituted since 1962. The functions of Sabah Parks are ” To preserve for all time areas which contains significant geographical, geological, biological and historical features as a national heritage for the benefit, education, and enjoyment of the people”. Sabah Parks also support an ongoing research and conservation project in all the gazetted parks under the trustee.

For your information, there are another 6 parks apart from Kinabalu, under their trustees, i.e:

  1. Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
  2. Turtle Island Park
  3. Pulau Tiga Park
  4. Bukit Tawau Park
  5. Crocker Range National Park
  6. Tun Sakaran Marine Park

If you notice, Sipadan Island is not under Sabah Parks – yet. That is why the management of the island is some kind haywire…

More information on Sabah Park here.

Where you can refer for search engine marketing glossary

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Can Bidvertiser replace Adsense?

BidvertiserWell, we actually have an obvious answer. Adsense is the gold standard of Pay Per Click advertisement campaign for almost any website. However, I just would like to highlight few Bidvertiser features that might be attractive to you!

  1. Good as an alternative and maybe replacement to Adsense, if you happen to be blacklisted by Google.
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  3. It pays using Paypal, and has a low payout, i.e. USD10, compared to Adsense (USD100) and they pay by check.
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  5. Higher referral program payment.

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Plan your next vacation with Hotel

Hotel Reservations is one of the so called “one stop center” for travelers who would like to make an online reservation bookings for their next travel vacation worldwide. They provides hotels, motels, resorts, vacation rentals, flights, cars and vacation package planner.

If you are planning your next trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, why don’t you try Hotel Reservations to organize and your vacation package? Currently, they are having a great discount on world wide destinations. They are now offering a rebate up to USD100 for a 12-night booking package.

What I like about Hotel is they have a vacation package planner page, where you can just fill-in-the blanks for the type of vacation you need and the destination that you are going to. I personally tried the service, by ‘virtually’ planning our next family trip to Melbourne, Australia from Kota Kinabalu. Surprisingly, the vacation package planner work really smooth, and I could know the price I have to pay for my trip!

Well, I purposely did that as my wife has been bugging me to spend our dream holiday there. The result page for the suggested package showed all the possible hotels available in Melbourne plus the local city map! At the same time, they also stated all the package cost for different hotels. It’s a good way to adjust your budget according to the package that you can afford. That is really good.

The other nice feature of Hotel is the destination guides. Claiming to be a “world wide” destination provider, they have enormous number of all major city rough destination guides. That would be handy as most of the travelers do not know what to expect on their dream destination. In my opinion, the destination guide about Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on their page is sufficient enough to give you an idea on what expect. But, if you plan to climb Mount Kinabalu, I would still suggest you to surf Mount Kinabalu

For your information, Hotel have listed 3 hotels in Kota Kinabalu on their site, i.e. Berjaya Palace Hotel, Le Meridien Hotel and Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort. Choose Le Meridien Hotel if you want to stay inside the city center, Shangri-La Tanjung Aru if you want to stay close to the beach or Berjaya Palace Hotel if you want a bit further away in a secluded hill side accommodation.

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Running test – Malaysian ads for bloggers

If you notice this blog, I am currently running two advertisement for bloggers from 2 different Malaysian advertising company for bloggers. Advertlets and Nuffnang (please see the sidebar) have been serving their ads for the past 8 days on this blog.

Update: Currently, only Advertlets has shown the ads from one of the advertiser (Exabytes), but Nuffnang still shown their default Nuffnang banner. So far, only Advertlets have generated some money:


Waiting for Nuffnang to do the same…