Sunday Gaya Street Fair – What do they sell?

I went to Gaya Street for a photography session. Just to show you what do they have. Colourful beads

Colourful beads.

Burgers and drinks

Burgers and drinks.


Fresh fruits.

Uncle playing kulintangan

Uncle playing kulintangan.

King of fruits - DURIAN

King of Fruits – DURIAN!







Jeweleries and pearls

Jeweleries and pearls.




Another view of the same puppy. It was chained at the neck by the seller. Waiting for someone to buy it as a pet.

Safe and enjoyable journeys with infants and young children

My son with his Barney during our trip back to our hometown, Muar, Johor. This photo was taken at Senai Airport, JB.There is one simple secret to traveling with infants – planning. Parents quickly learn that even the simplest trip to the shops requires planning, when an infant is involved. With traveling on a holiday, the planning is simply on a larger scale. Parents have to pack and carry a range of infant goods and supplies, most of which are predictable. But they also have to be prepared for the delays and discomfort that, unfortunately, are often part of travel.

The goal is to make the travel environment comfortable and restful, so that the infant eats and sleep well. For many infants, the regular motion of a train or a car, encourages sleep. With planes, there is no regular motion. Indeed infants ca find plane travel discomforting, in particular taking off and landing, where there is a change of air pressure in the cabin. For parents, there is often the added concern that the infant will become restless and disrupt the sleeping plans of the other passengers. Fortunately, planning can help minimize this risk.

Before the journey

  • Check out the different airlines’ infant facilities before booking. Usually larger planes offer the best facilities (such as bassinets and change tables) for parents and infants.
  • On most airlines, babies aged between two weeks to two years fly free. Usually the child is expected to sit on parent’s lap.
  • Check out seating arrangements first. If traveling by train or coach, seats that offer some privacy are recommended. It is always advisable to reserve seats.
  • Packing should be planned beforehand. Everything needed for the journey should be put in the hand luggage.
  • Parents should work out their respective responsibilities before setting off.

Airports and Stations

  • Allow plenty of check-in time and fill out immigration forms in advance.
  • Most large airports have bathroom facilities with changing rooms for infants.
  • It’s common for airlines to board passengers with infants first – which is useful as it allows mothers to get organized before the plane fills.
  • At the end of the journey, it’s advisable for passengers with infants to avoid the rush and leave the plane last.

Traveling Essentials

  • A bag where things are easily accessible and have separate compartments for the various items.
  • Pack of wipes.
  • Nappy change bag, with nappies, wipes, cream etc.
  • At least one change of clothes for the infant and a change of clothes for the mother.
  • A baby sleeping bag is useful.
  • Cotton sheet – this can be used to wrap the infant or as a light shield over a bassinet.
  • Baby food, bowl and utensils for an infant who is eating solids (Even if the airline has baby food available, it may not be to the infant’s liking).
  • Bottles of prepared formula and pre-boiled water to make extra feeds.

Air Travel Tips

  • The change in cabin pressure at take-off and landing can be painful for infants. So, it’s a good idea if the infant is sucking on the breast or bottle at this time.
  • Airline food can be very hot and should never be given to an infant without testing.

Traveling with more than one child

  • For young children, travel can be restricting and tedious. So entertainment is important.
  • Fortunately, most airlines offer video channels and games.
  • Young children should be encouraged to pack their own bag, and include some of their favorite toys and games (avoiding toys with small pieces that can get lost).
  • It can be a good idea to have some new toys, wrapped up as gifts, for the journey.
  • Young children may have a special blanket or soft toy that is associated with sleeping and this can help them sleep while traveling.
  • It’s a good idea to pack food treats and drinks for young children, but it’s advisable to avoid sticky foods and to have drinks in bottles or packs that cannot spill.

Long journeys by car

  • Before setting off, plan the route ahead, and work out the stops along the way.


After careful planning and packing, parents should feel confident and relaxed about their journey. A relaxed attitude is important – it can help prevent minor mishaps from turning into major catastrophes. And if parents are relaxed, they’ll sleep better, even if only for short naps that are grabbed whenever possible. With parents and infant relaxed and well rested, traveling can be an enjoyable experience for all.

How To Avoid Blisters: A Hiking Sock Guide.

Copyright © 2006 Marc Wiltse

Great hiking socks are critical for a comfortable . Do yours deliver in all the important areas? Learn how to pick the hiking sock that is best for your trip.

Your hiking socks are probably like you at work… they do a lot more than they’re given credit for. They must be comfortable, wick moisture, protect against shear, support your natural posture, keep your feet at a good temperature, distribute pressure, promote circulation, absorb shock, and be tough. That’s no small order.

Socks are almost as important as your boots and shoes when it comes to your comfort. Here are some things to consider before investing in your next pair…

Blood Flow- This is the circulation of blood through the foot. A decrease or cut-off in blood flow can be caused by unyielding fabrics in hiking socks. Acrylics in combination with other fibers and a terry weave can help with this and shear. Lack of blood flow can cause fatigue, numbness and leave your feet more susceptible to injury.

Moisture- With exertion one foot can sweat 1-2 pints of vapor/fluid per day. That’s like dumping a whole soda in each shoe! OK, so pop is stickier, but wet skin still has a tendency to stick to other surfaces which causes even more stress and trauma to your tissue. That’s why wicking technology in hiking socks is so important.

Keep in mind too, if your socks don’t wick well, bacteria and fungus can also become more of a problem. And we’ve all known that camp mate that had funky smelling feet. One of my friends actually resorted to burning his shoes in the campfire, but that’s another story… 😉

Position- If your hiking socks don’t help to maintain correct anatomical alignment it can cause premature fatigue. Correct posture also helps to correctly position your foot in your boot or shoe to make it feel like it’s an extension of your body. If you wore your dad’s shoes when you were a kid, or had a pair of shoes that were too large and floppy you know how important position is.

Pressure Areas- Pressure can cause discomfort and lead to damage if it’s not addressed. A good example of this is a bedsore. Most people hopefully won’t experience pressure to this degree, but it’s something you want to keep in mind when looking at hiking socks. Padding is especially important around bony areas like the heal and ball of the foot. Bony prominences as they’re called, don’t have the luxury of much padding. A good sock will provide just enough, but not too much cushion.

Shearing Force- This happens when your tissue is moving in opposite directions, like when jumping over a stream, or descending a steep slope. Part of your skin is moving one way and the tissue underneath it another, this causes a tearing action just under the surface of the skin. This is the most common way of getting blisters.

Temperature- Good hiking socks need to be appropriate for their intended use, from a warm weather day hike, to a week-long mountaineering trip. Once in that environment, they should help maintain a consistent comfortable temperature.

Like a shoe or boot your hiking socks should be matched to the type of hiking you’ll be doing. Whether you’re trail running or hiking the Appalachian Trail with a 50 pound backpack. Selecting the right tool for the job makes all the difference.

My website offers hiking sock reviews and recommendations as well as other gear information. I hope you found this article informative. Happy hiking. 🙂

About The Author:

Marc Wiltse began investing in quality gear after a flooded tent forced him to sleep in his tiny 2-seat Honda CRX. His hiking equipment & camping gear guides, reviews & newsletter save you time & money. Find reviews on hiking socks here: socks.html
© Marc Wiltse. Reprint permission if author, copyright, links & this notice intact.

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Rungus Longhouse – latest photo

These are two photos of the longhouse, which I took last weekend while visiting my in-laws. I will post some more later…

Rungus Longhouse

That’s the entrance door of the longhouse. The high structure is like an observation tower. I haven’t been able to climb it yet. 😉

Rungus Longhouse

That’s the front part of the longhouse, an extension structure from the main building.

Mount Kinabalu Adventure in Cameron Highland?

Jan Leow at Low's PeakDon’t get me wrong. I received an email from my fellow friend, Jan Leow about his experience on climbing Mount Kinabalu in July 2003. His story was very long that he needs to break it into 2 parts, for easy reading!

Jan Leow run the website, Cameron Highland, a website which has a very similar theme with mine. We like to share our tips and tricks on traveling for people who are planning to come and visit our places. We are also using the same system, (SiteBuildIt) to create and maintain our website. Check out what Jan Leow have to ay on his trip to the highest peak in Borneo!

So, what I really mean was Mount Kinabalu outdoor adventure travel in!

Mount Kinabalu Trip by Jan Leow, Part 1

Mount Kinabalu Trip by Jan Leow, Part 2

Recommended Holiday Gift

Do you know that as a Malaysian, you cannot cash out your money from Paypal? That was what happened to me few weeks back. I got some money from some friends around the globe in my Paypal account. As I notice that I could not cash out the money, I use it to buy a book from Barnes & Noble. Luckily, B&N accept Paypal. I have another account from Amazon, but they did not accept Paypal as one of the payment processor.

I bought a book called “The Digital Photography Book” by Scott Kelby. It’s a book for beginner photographer who would like to improve their photography technique. The book is very brilliant, as it is written specifically for people like me who want to know the good technique of photography.

With nearly 200 of the most closely guarded photographic “tricks of the trade”, this book gets you shooting dramatically better looking, sharper, more colorful, more professional-looking photos every time.

Each page covers a single concept that makes your photography better. Every time you turn the page, you’ll learn another pro setting, tool, or trick to transform your work from snapshots into gallery prints. If you are tired of taking shots that look “okay”, and if you’re tired of looking in photography magazines and thinking, “Why don’t my shots look like that?” then this is the book for you.

Good news for Malaysian. B&N ships to Malaysia, but it took about 6 weeks to arrive at your doorsteps. And, it’s about RM106 (including the shipment).

Digital Photography Book

My verdict: 5/5…

Really good book for amateur photographer. Idiot proof. No alien technical photography jargon.

If you want to get one, get it from Barnes & Noble below.

The Digital Photography Book
The Digital Photography Book

An email from a friend…

Today, I received an email from our good friend from Philippines. She went to Mount Kinabalu few weeks back and posted some of her nice picture in flickr. Since I also contributed my photos to flickr, I decided to contact her to say hi.

This was her reply.

“Hi Ruhaizad,

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the info that have provided me about Mt. Kinabalu. It was really a big help. Our Sabah trip wouldn’t have been that successful without your climbing tips from your website ( as well as the info that you have provided me in the email.

I was planning to write you an email after the climb but I got stuck with piles of work to finish after i got back from my week-long vacation. I also haven’t got the time to update my blog ( as well but I plan to write abt my KK and Mt. Kinabalu experience which was just amazing!!! I really wanna go back there again.

With regards to your question, I only used a digital point and shoot digicam during the climb..a Canon’s an old Canon digicam model w/ 3.2MP resolution but I have to make do of it…i had to postpone buying a DSLR ‘cuz of my Sabah trip…hehe! But no regrets though ‘cuz the whole trip was more than rewarding. We were blessed to have a good weather during the climb so my camera did just fine…I’ll send you photos of our climb in the email…

I’ve included a link of your site in some of my photos so anyone who might be interested in climbing Mt. Kinabalu and plans to organize the trip on their own will find your website because it definitely contains very useful information.

Once again thanks and i hope to visit Sabah again 🙂



If you want to see what wantet had photographed, feel free to check out her link:

The biggest unedible fish in Kota Kinabalu

When you arrive in Kota Kinabalu, try to spot this fish. I will give you the direction:

Go to Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. From the main entrance of the hotel, turn right. Walk down the slope and again, turn right. Nah… now you will see the fish.

Notice the bus at the background? It’s a bus for tourist who stay in Hyatt.

Huge fish in Kota Kinabalu

A postcard from MAKNA

A postcard from MAKNAI received a postcard from MAKNA, a short form for Majlis Kanser Nasional or National Cancer Council, a non-profit organization. The postcard showed a girl with acute myeloid leukemia, Christina Stanley, 3 years old.

I received the postcard because I have committed myself to donate some of tip jar to them, so that they can continue to serve the people who have cancer.

If you would like to do the same, go to the website: