Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2007 set for August 25-26

The World’s Toughest Mountain Race, the 21st Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon will be held next year on August 25-26.

Mount Kinabalu ClimbathonThe change of date is due to the request by the Skyrunner World Series Committee to schedule the event on 25-26 next year as they have decided to host the final circuit/series in their own country in Spain.

The Buff Skyrunner World Series 2007 organized by the World’s Federation of Altitude – FSA (racing on high altitude of 2000 meters above sea level) is scheduled to be held at the following venues:

  • Mexico at Chico Hildago on May 6,
  • Andorra at Vallnord on June 3,
  • Italy on July 1,
  • France on August 12,
  • Malaysia at Mount Kinabalu on August 25-26,
  • Japan at Mount Ontake, Nagano on Sept 2,
  • Spain (final circuit) on September 23.

The Climbathon is listed as one of Sabah’s 13 premier events highlighted in the Visit Malaysia promotional material.

Another 13 Backpackers & Travellers Lodge added!

Upon doing some updating of the website, I was informed that there are new addition to our members of Backpackers and Travellers Lodge around Kota Kinabalu, Tuaran and one at the foothill of Kinabalu! (just 2 km from Kinabalu Park entrance).

Kinabalu Rose Cabin near Kinabalu Park

So, for those who are looking for an option for accommodation, check out our newly updated page on “The Lodges”.

A lot of things happening last 3 weeks…

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting in this blog for the past 3 weeks. I was occupied with a lot of personal and family matters. And, I manage to get myself a break.

17 October 2006 : My wife delivered our second child, a girl weighted 3.2 kg in Hospital Likas. I am now a father of a pair!

My daughter, Syahzanani Izzati

23 October 2006 : My family and I went back to Muar, Johore for Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday. We took AirAsia flight to Johor Bahru as MAS does not have any more flight shuttling Johor Bahru. It’s a bit risky flying with a 6-days-old baby but we continue our journey anyway.
24 October 2006 : We celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, a Muslim festival after 1 month of fasting. I ate a lot of ketupat and kuih raya!

31 Ocotber 2006 : We went back to Kota Kinabalu, to continue our life here with our newborn baby.

1 November 2006 : We went up north to Kudat to visit my in-laws.

2 November 2006 : We went to Tanjung SImpang Mengayau, The Tip Of Borneo with my 2 children. The place is very beautiful and I could not resist but taking a lot of photo there.

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau

6 November 2006 : I am back to my office!

Seawalking Discover Sabah’s Beauty Under the Sea

Imagine yourself walking at the bottom of the sea! When I heard about it I did not know what to expect. The thought of walking on the seabed made me so curious that I had to experience this under sea adventure!

Borneo SeawalkingSo what is seawalking? Seawalking gives you the opportunity to literally walk under the sea! It is made possible by the Sea Trek Underwater Helmet Diving System, so there is no need for carrying oxygen tanks or other complicated equipment. It is so easy to use and an be enjoyed by the whole family, from ages 7 to 80 years old.

The walk takes 20-30 minutes below the sea surrounding Gaya Island, one of the islands which make up Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. You first have to register at Sapi Island where the seawalking operation is situated. There will have a brief explanation about basic hand gestures for underwater communication and walking techniques.

After briefing, we hopped on the boat and went to the pontoon where the real fun begian. At the stairway, the Seawalking Diving Helmet is put on, and one by one went down by a ladder guided by the instructor. At the bottom of the ocean floor there are ropes, which guides you during the walk. Be sure not to stray off! The instructor gave me some feed to attract the tropical fish. I was amazed with the beauty and colors of these countless exotic creatures. We had our pictures taken under the sea and will definitely impress people who see me posing with the ‘community’ of the underwater world.

by Susan Metselaar, from Malaysian Borneo Sabah Newsletter

Wildlife Wetland Tour & Padas River Rafting

*This service is provided by third party travel operator. I do not have any share with them. Just an additional information for those who like to seek more adventure, other than the Kinabalu.

Proboscis Monkey

Only In Borneo provides 2 day 1 night nature adventure to Wildlife Wetland Tour and Padas River Rafting. If you would like to see the Proboscis Monkey and rafting down the Padas River (Grade III & IV), this is the place. Their tour itinerary sounded like this:

Day 1

  • 1330hrs, depart to the Southwestern part of Sabah. Journey takes approximately 1hr 45 mins.

  • Upon arrival, coffee & tea will be served with local cakes.

  • 1600hrs, on board comfortable fiberglass long boat – Cruise down for almost 2hrs in search for wildlife.

  • Experience by walking through the longest broad walk in the wetland area to return to the Base Camp.

  • 1800hrs, enjoy sumptuous Malaysian dinner served in glimmering lanterns around the dining area.

  • 2000hrs, proceed for night safari. Catch the glimpse of fireflies slowly lighting up and decorating the mangrove trees – back to the restaurant. Overnight stay at Base Camp.

Day 2

  • Buffet breakfast is served at the restaurant.

  • 0915hrs, depart to Beaufort Railway Station.

  • 1000hrs, onboard train and depart for starting Pangi. Journey passes the mighty Padas George River.

  • Start rafting down the Padas River (Grade III & IV).
  • Arrive at the ending point. Change to dry clothing and enjoy sumptuous BBQ lunch at the restaurant.
  • Depart to Beaufort and onwards to your respective hotel.

END OF TOURWhite Water Rafting in Padas River

Package Inclusive: Return land transfer and train ride, English speaking guide, light refreshment,boat cruise and night safari, rafting equipment, one night accommodation and meals as stated.

Things to bring: Sun block lotion, insect repellent, camera, sun glasses, binocular, change of clothes, cap or hat, sandal with strap / sport shoe, shorts and T-shirt, swim wear and extra cash for after purchase during the tour.


Where can I get FREE Sabah Traveller’s Map?

I went to Sabah Tourism Building today to get some information about the latest news on tourism industry in Sabah. While going through their notice board, I found the latest FREE Sabah Traveller’s Map. I picked one for myself, just to know what’s inside and wonder if it would be a benefit to you.

The map has these features:

  • Obviously, it is free. If you did not able to snatch it from the airport when you arrive here, just head to Sabah Tourism Building to get one.
  • Size about 0.5m x 1m, foldable and easy to carry.
  • Maps of all major cities in Sabah – Labuan, Tawau, Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu included.
  • Advertisement on places to stay, eat, car rental sevices and activities that can be done while you are here.
  • Telephone directories of the important places and hotels around Sabah.

So, make sure you have one for yourself. It is easier for you to go around with a map.

Sabah Traveller's Map

A Dream Runner story of Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon 2006

While doing my daily maintenance of my website, I came across a good weblog about Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon. The writer (would like to anonymous) is a Singaporean lad who ran in the veteran category of the event.

He reached the 4095m summit in 3hr44min, 14min off the qualifying time of 3hr30min for the Veteran Category.

Dream Runner

Read it more from The Dream Runner blog!

Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2006 photos

I received an email a few weeks back from a local university student, saying that she is going to participate in Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon 2006. She said to me that she do not have a digital camera, but willing to use her analog camera to capture as much photo during the event.

The journey to the summit this time was an eventful experience for her. The bus that she follow broke down on the way, and have to wait for another bus to come to continue the journey to Kinabalu Park.

She did not able to finish the event at the allocated time, as she said to me she did not have a enough training. The certificate that she email to me shows DNF, means ‘did not finish’. You can see her certificate in the gallery.

Anyway, I said to her that there will alway be next year for her to try.

For Wai Yong, thank you for your nice photos!

Wong Wai Yong

To see more of her climbathon photo, checkout the gallery.

My Linux Xandros OCE 3.0.2 Screenshots

I just would like to share with you (especially other doctors) who would like to see what Xandros Linux looks like. I hereby show you 10 screenshots of my Desktop (notebook to be precise)…

Launch Menu Launch menu = Start Menu in Windows.

Xandros File Manager Xandros File Manager = Windows File Manager.

Solitaire in Linux Solitaire in Xandros.

PowerPoint in Open Office Presentation PowerPoint in Open Office Impress.

Xandros Network Xandros Network, where you download Xandros compatible software and applications.

Xandros Desktop Help Xandros Desktop Help.

Xandros Control Center Xandros Control Center, where you can configure your desktop environment.

CD and DVD burner K3b, where you burn your discs.

Email application KDE Mail, your simple email application.

Xandros logout and shutdown session Xandros logout and shutdown page.

That’s it for now. If you would like to know more on Xandros, just go to

Mejia bags two titles

Kota Kinabalu: Ricardo Mejia pulled off a great come-from-behind victory to retain the men’s crown in the rain-hit Climbathon in Kundasang yesterday.

And the Mexican had more reasons to celebrate as he also walked home with the Buff-Skyrunner World Series FSA title.

The way he won the Climbathon should go down as one of the best ever finishes in the history of the event, officially known as TM 20th Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon this year.

Local hopeful Mius Balinting was two minutes ahead of Mejia after passing the Timpohon Gate (4km to the finishing line) but latter was undaunted and stepped up the gear toward the final stretch of the race.

“I know the final stretch is on flat road which is very good for me… my confidence never faded despite trailing him.”

“I managed to overtake him in the final 500m and I never looked back,” said Mejia, who clocked 2:50.52s to beat Mius (2:51.44s) and another local Safrey Sumping (2:53.22).

Mejia, who also won a gold pendant for reaching the summit first, said he lost his lead as a result of his safety first aproach on the decend.

“I dislike running down…it was very slippery and made worse by the rain,” he said.

“I fell four times on the way down but thankfully I could still keep my momentum.”

It is Mejia’s third Climbathon title after winning in 2001 and 2005, and the day also saw him taking the Buff Skyrunner World Series crown by collecting 400 points to edge Spaniard Agusti Roc Amador, who managed 342 points and Italian Dapit Fulvio with 322 points.

The Climbathon is the eighth and the final leg of the Skyrunner Series where the ranking is based on the four best points achieved by the runners in any legs.

“I have two titles today and I’m extremely happy,” said Mejia, who declined to confirm whether he will comeback and defend his crown next year.

Mejia received USD4,500 for his effort in the Climbathon and 3,000 euros for his first place in the Skyrunner Series.

The Climbathon offered a total cash prize of USD33,400 to the top 15 finishers in the men’s and women’s open.

In addition, a gold pendant eas offered to each of the first runners in the men’s and women’s open to reach the summit – the Low’s Peak.

Taken from local newspaper, The Borneo Post, by Lester J. Bingkasan.