Paragliding from Mount Kinabalu – soon you will be able to do it!

After a successful event by Borneo Air Sports Ozone Adventures last June on organizing the paragliding event from Ruhiang Hill of Tamparuli, at the foothill of Kinabalu, you will soon be able to paraglide from the majestic mountain yourself! Hopefully they will be able to organize another event that could enable us to paraglide from Sayat-Sayat Hut.

Quoting from their website;

Paragliding is the simplest way to learn to fly quickly, easily and offers you the opportunity to see the world from a totally different perspective. The freedom and pleasure you’ll enjoy from this pure form of flying are absolutely unsurpassed! After your initial certificate course, as you advance in your paragliding skills, more opportunities will open up to you. Some of these opportunities are winch towing, inland thermalling, cross-country flying, powered paragliding, competitions as well as local and overseas paragliding tours.

A tandem paragliding flight allows you to experience the thrill of flying free as a bird while enjoying fantastic views over the Tamparuli and Tuaran towns. You may experience the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Kinabalu at the background while flying. No training is necessary and there are almost no age or size limits for tandem paragliding.

It’s quite an interesting adventure, I guess…

Oh, I also managed to get a nice video from Youtube on paragliding from the mountain. The video was taken on 22nd April 2003, showing 2 tandem and 1 solo pilots flew down from Mount Kinabalu.

You can also read some of paragliding news from our online news portal here:
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