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Green HeartI must admit that I love PayPerPost, although I have just joined them 11 days. So far, I have earned USD52 from only 4 sponsored post that I wrote, and there are plenty more coming. I joined other blogger-advertiser network also, but I personally felt that PayPerPost is the best.

For your information, PayPerPost is an easy platform for bloggers to earn money by writing a post for advertisers. PayPerPost is making use of word of mouth marketing – by having bloggers blog about the selected advertisers that want to market their services on the net. If you have a blog, why not register with PayPerPost. It is free and the approval is really fast. You can almost earn some money instantly, if you just follow the requirement that was stated by the advertisers.

There is some challenge though, for us Malaysian. As PayPerPost paid bloggers through PayPal, it may be a bit difficult for Malaysian bloggers to cash it out. I don’t mind, as I am aiming to reach USD650 as soon as possible in PayPal to be able to buy a new Nikon D40 DSLR online.

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