Porters of Mount Kinabalu photos…

I received an email from our good friend, Cikgu Ismail few weeks back. He emailed me a photo of one of the porter, who climb Mount Kinabalu – day in, day out – to live. It’s really extraordinary, as the load of the packages that they bring are sometimes unimaginable.

Updated photo on 25 July 2007: CIkgu Ismail with one of the porters who showed him his well formed calf, lugging a 14kg cooking gas tank.

Porter lugging a cooking gas tank

Below are the earlier photos:

Porter with PVC sewage pipe

The next 7 photos were send by Cikgu Ismail a month earlier. He even made a special Power Point file (which then burned on a cdrom) with all the photos inside.

Mount Kinabalu Porter

Mount Kinabalu Porter

Mount Kinabalu Porter

Mount Kinabalu Porter

Mount Kinabalu Porter

The last 2 photos are really…

Mount Kinabalu Porter

Mount Kinabalu Porter

So, you think you can do like them???
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33 thoughts on “Porters of Mount Kinabalu photos…

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  2. Bernard

    Wow. Orang bukit (hill people)… Eh… Orang gunung (mount people)… Actually all of KadazanDusun people are born warrior.

  3. Julian

    I’m amazed by the two person carrying the pipes and water tank. That’s is definitely an amazing feat by those porters. The rest I’ve seen before while climbing Mt Kinabalu including those gas tanks… But heck pipes and water tank! That’s something I must link to my blog, with your permission of course!

  4. zara's mama

    I do hope they are well paid for the job.. What a load!

    I climbed Mount Kinabalu in 2002, when we saw these porters ‘skipping’ up the mountain with a gas cylinder, we were already very amazed.. but this.. wow….

  5. WS

    agree with Zara’s mama..i really hope they are well paid in carrying such a LOAD!!

    ** hats off and my RESPECT to them**

  6. drizad Post author

    I don’t know how much they could earn a day carrying the heavy thing. I think I must go to Kundasang and interview them about their work and post the interview here…

  7. jovita

    kesihan o…berat tu.. dulu saya mendaki gunung kinabalu, saya juga membawa barang-barang saya sendiri tapi tidaklah sebesar dan seberat yang mereka angkat tu. Kalau saya begitu , berangkali sudah tergolek bersama barang-barang tu ke bawah…ke jurang kali…

  8. hanameizan

    Strewth – those porters deserve the race prize money! I wonder how they feel about us paying large sums of money to travel to Sabah and take part in the race just for fun.

    Do you mind if I put a couple of those porter photos on my blog of the Climbathon?

  9. vien

    uik hebat btl c gaman ni.btl2 sa respek sngt.punyalah kuat bleh angkt tangki yg begtu bert..uncle bleh tlng angkt sa jga ka?he2 just kddng =)

  10. carrie

    wah…nice picture……bangga sa jd org sabahan o bla tgok c gaman ne angkat tangki…yeah!!!sabah buleh bh….aramaiti!!!

  11. Hein Himm

    Memang kuat btol dorang ni.. saya tidak buleh bayangkan kesengseraan kalu saya yang angkut itoh barang semua.. Kamurang lah arapan gunung Kinabalu !!! Terima kasih !!! cuma harus ada pengantinya nanti.. mana budak2 muda ??

  12. Padayappaaaaa

    What goes up must come down. The untold second part of the story might be that the guy who carries the new gas cylinders uphill is likely to bring back empty cylinders on his way back, where the prolonged descent could be more treacherous than the climb. But for the rest of us, we leave our garbage and soil up there without a second thought. Since the Park is a protected natural site, I wonder if all the refuse we generate in Laban Rata etc. (e.g. trash, used utensils, human solid wastes etc.) are also hauled down by the same guys. Any idea?

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