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I told you before that I love PayPerPost. After fiddling around with a lot of other blog advertising network, PPP is still the best. And today, the best is getting better. PPP introduces PPP Direct – similar like ReviewMe – but pays more. (I don’t like SponsoredReviews because I have to bid to get to write post. And until now I have not won ANY bid)

I don’t know why they called it “Birdo Release”, but PPP Direct will enable advertisers to directly approach Posties to get them to write special blog posts. Posties then have to specify specify the minimum amount they want to be paid for these PPP Direct opportunities and stick a widget on their blog. When an advertiser finds the blog and decides they would like the Posties to write something they just click on the badge attached to the widget and make them an offer.

PPP DirectThe service charges? I am now evaluating my reviews, so that advertisers will know how much they should pay me to write their reviews. As ReviewMe rate my blog as USD40 per post (which means I only get USD20) and SponsoredReviews rate my blog around USD10-USD40, I am calculating that with PPP Direct, I should earn around USD20 per post. By saying that, you will be surprised that you will only pay me USD22 (the extra USD2 is for PPP Direct service charges) if you are an advertiser. The charges is the lowest among those 3 mentioned blog marketplace. Sounds fair right?

With their “Birdo Release”, they also announced Benches – a feature that I think help me the most. I get really annoyed with this 6.01 advertisers. I know I am qualified to post, but my blog theme does not! So, I am going to “bench” all those advertisers for 90 days from now on – until I made a new blog specifically for them.


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