Rungus bride and bridegroom – with my son!

Rungus wedding couple

This is my brother-in-law and his wife during their wedding, more than a year ago. They are wearing Rungus traditional costume, and the wedding was held in Maranjak Homestay, the featured longhouse in the website. Notice the child? It’s my son, about 8 month old at that time.

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2 thoughts on “Rungus bride and bridegroom – with my son!

  1. bell

    she is beautifulll..hehe..lucky man 2…rungus tradisional wear is full of art..we are lucky that we are borneon..hehhe..hopefully i can post my pic in tradisional bidayuh wear 2….

  2. degagenocide

    We call our shelve Rhade or Dega and living in Central Highlands of Vietnam, our long house, our traditional costume , our skin and appearance……are very similar to Rungus. I believe that our ancestors is the root .We were from here long ago , I don’t know why we move to Vietnam. Regrettably, our identity is at the final stage of genocide.

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