Rungus Longhouse – latest photo

These are two photos of the longhouse, which I took last weekend while visiting my in-laws. I will post some more later…

Rungus Longhouse

That’s the entrance door of the longhouse. The high structure is like an observation tower. I haven’t been able to climb it yet. 😉

Rungus Longhouse

That’s the front part of the longhouse, an extension structure from the main building.

5 thoughts on “Rungus Longhouse – latest photo”

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  2. Hi there Ruhaizad ~wave~

    I have a picture of a long house but its long lolol yours is’nt long so are Kinabalu long houses different from say Sarawak?

    Lovely images!

  3. Hi Kate,

    Oh, I did not take the full photo of the longhouse, both of the photos are only part of the longhouse.

    And yes, the longhouse is a bit different from the one in Sarawak.

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