Rungus wedding couple

It is actually my wedding photo (in Rungus traditional costume), taken on the Valentine’s day 2004 (my wedding day there). Photo was taken with an analogue camera. We were sitting in a ‘platform’ (I don’t know what is it called) in front of my father-in-law’s longhouse. You can still see the structure when you visit Kg. Bavanggazo Rungus Longhouse (Maranjak Homestay).

Rungus couple

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15 thoughts on “Rungus wedding couple

  1. leslie

    Hey Drizad,Congratulation.

    I know your father in law more than 10 years. Just visited him last week. He is a very kind person.

    You look nice too.

    I am working on tour program to promote maranjak home stay. Maybe we can stay in touch to do it.

    Contact me when you can


    leslie chiang


  2. Kay Kastum

    Ei? You are married to a Rungus? Perhaps my dad should know your father in-law. What’s his name again?
    Btw, you look like a Rungus warrior man!

  3. drizad Post author

    Hahaha Kay! Macam warrior kah? That was my first time wearing Rungus attire. Itu pun pinjam from my brother-in-law.

    My mentua’s name is Momili Milaad, and the head of the longhouse is his brother, Maranjak Milaad. I think your father should know them as it is their family who runs the longhouse in Kg. Bavanggazo.

  4. Kay Kastum

    Ahh..Last year I brought some friends from KL together with my family to this Maranjak Homestay. I remember, my father spoke to Mr Maranjak, they know each other. (Rungus tribe is a close knit community anyway)
    My dad’s kampung is Kg Popot, pass through Sikuati. His name is Thomas Parun Kastum. Chewah.. small world lah. Another reason why blogging is so wonderful!

  5. Kay Kastum

    I wish I can. Mom and Pop never really teach us. My mom is Kadazan and Dad is Rungus. Just a few little words that allow me to survive like ‘louson’ or things like that.. 😀

  6. drizad

    Yea, you are right. As my Jawa also berkarat, my wife and our nephew & niece speaks Rungus with my 3 years old son. I think he knows more vocab than me.
    Hmm… I wonder if my daughter qualify for Unduk Ngadau (if she ever speaks Rungus)…

  7. jovita

    Maranjak, semua orang tahu. Maranjak if I’m not mistaken is working at Tinangol Hospital. once upon a time he together with Kay daddy (my uncle)serving there. Of courselah two of them knowing each other.

  8. jovita

    I know your wife. She is my sister colleg at nurses training centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Kay, is my cousin. Nice to meet you. I am working here at Lands and Surveys Department just next to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. You see the nice silver new building, that’s our office.

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