Sabah Parks said, “Take it or leave it”

Yes, that was what they said on the complaints about Sutera’s monopoly of Mount Kinabalu. If you can’t afford it, don’t climb the mountain.

Go climb other mountain in Java, Indonesia or Vietnam. Theirs are cheaper and don’t have much problem with the government. Or even spend your hard earn money in Phuket. You will thank me later.

I am glad that I was featured in their articles. The Star Newspaper (Malaysian based) write a story about the issue and compiled it with other complainants, including tour and travel operator. You can read it in 31st January 2009’s Weekender Section of the newspaper.

For those who like to read virtually, please read this 3 articles:

1. Take it or leave it
2. SSL says
3. Highly unreachable

So, what will Sabah State Government do?

p/s: It’s about time for me to climb Mount Kerintji and dive in Lembeh Straits in Indonesia. I am getting sick with the bodies who handles Sabah’s natural paradise. After all, my late great-grandfather is from Java…

Sea Squirt, Lembeh Straits, Indonesia Framed Art Poster Print by Mark Webster, 31×39

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11 thoughts on “Sabah Parks said, “Take it or leave it”

  1. Lorna

    What’s more appalling is that even with the price hikes, their customer support and service continues to be bullcrap. How embarrasing for Sabah’s tourism!

  2. AngrySabahan

    hmmm… so they prefer cash outflow to foreign country? Aiyo… Sicked and stupid!!!!! I think we should suggest them to build more University in Sabah so that these ppl can get better education in business management…haha..

  3. lou

    i have just received a call from the ministry of domestic trade & consumer’s affair today & the officer told me that he contacted SSL & the management of SSL are to reduce the package price for malaysians sometime next week….So lets just wait and see….=)

  4. Raymond

    Me too. I jez got a call from a Mr. Guna. He said the pricing for Malaysians will be reduced next week. Pricing for non-Malaysians will be the same. Hope to have good news by next week.

  5. Zac

    Where are you Patrick Sindu (Cash President)? This issue is the whorty issue for you to look on instead of taking about rich scheme investment (RSI). Not all Sabahan involved in RSI but Mount Kinabalu does belong to all Sabahan.

  6. khaironisaq

    I have just visited SSL website. It looks like they have increased the price for 2009 instead of decreasin it! I just climbed mount kinabalu in march and it cost me RM330 per night to stay in Laban Rata. Now the new published rate on the website is RM2360 for the 6 bed dorm, which comes up to around RM393. An increase of RM63!! I thought they are supposed to lower the price!!

  7. Nani Yaacob

    Hi! Need advise..want to climb gunung kinabalu this september but the cost is RM850/per pax!! inclusive meals, accomodation, porter, guide, insurance, entrance fee..etc…anybody knows how to get cheaper package?

    Thank u

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