Seawalking Discover Sabah’s Beauty Under the Sea

Imagine yourself walking at the bottom of the sea! When I heard about it I did not know what to expect. The thought of walking on the seabed made me so curious that I had to experience this under sea adventure!

Borneo SeawalkingSo what is seawalking? Seawalking gives you the opportunity to literally walk under the sea! It is made possible by the Sea Trek Underwater Helmet Diving System, so there is no need for carrying oxygen tanks or other complicated equipment. It is so easy to use and an be enjoyed by the whole family, from ages 7 to 80 years old.

The walk takes 20-30 minutes below the sea surrounding Gaya Island, one of the islands which make up Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. You first have to register at Sapi Island where the seawalking operation is situated. There will have a brief explanation about basic hand gestures for underwater communication and walking techniques.

After briefing, we hopped on the boat and went to the pontoon where the real fun begian. At the stairway, the Seawalking Diving Helmet is put on, and one by one went down by a ladder guided by the instructor. At the bottom of the ocean floor there are ropes, which guides you during the walk. Be sure not to stray off! The instructor gave me some feed to attract the tropical fish. I was amazed with the beauty and colors of these countless exotic creatures. We had our pictures taken under the sea and will definitely impress people who see me posing with the ‘community’ of the underwater world.

by Susan Metselaar, from Malaysian Borneo Sabah Newsletter

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6 thoughts on “Seawalking Discover Sabah’s Beauty Under the Sea

  1. Gert Kongensgaard

    The greatest experiencee ever seawalking at Kota Kinabalu, Borneo i was invited to go there i´ll never forget. but also walking above the jungle there was a great experience. I dream going back again once more.

    Gert Kongensgaard

  2. Lily CHIENG

    Hi, I’m coming to Sabah next week. May I know the price for these walk per person or package. Adult and kids. Tq

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