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I bought a pair of Skechers GOrun 2 running shoes in February, just after I decided to run in Borneo International Marathon this year. After few years of wearing Nike futsal shoes for running, I just felt that it’s about time for me to change to a proper running shoes for comfort and avoiding injuries. Since February, I have logged 200km on the shoes, and now I decided to share with you the my review of the shoes. Oh, I am planning to run Mount Kinabalu Climbathon with the same shoes also.

First and foremost, the shoes is VERY LIGHT. I never had a pair of shoes that is so light that even my wife couldn’t believe it. It’s radical weight is just 6.9 oz (195.6 gm) per shoe based on a men’s size 9. It claims no extra material in which nothing will slow you down. That is why the shoe is categorized as a very SERIOUS MINIMAL running shoe by Runners World magazine. Taken from Skechers website, “Designed for speed with innovative performance technologies to promote a midfoot strike, it works as a great transitional shoe to foster a barefoot running experience”. And I felt that they have proven what they claimed.

The sole of the shoe is VERY LIGHT and SOFT. They used Resalyte™ Midsole – Proprietary lightweight injection-molded compound with memory retention helps absorb impact from running. They managed to get to the point whereby you can have barefoot running experience, without compromising comfort. Do you know that it is difficult to experience barefoot running without discomfort, pain and injuries? Skechers GOrun 2 did it.

If you can see, the sole of the shoe has many rounded/circular protrusion, in which some of them (the black coloured ones) acts as sensors – independent circular GOimpulse sensors which offer flexibility and feedback for a more responsive running experience. Honestly, I don’t know whether the sensors works or not, as I thought they put on some electronic sensors in it. But it is not. It’s just some black rubber protrusion that was placed on strategic places of the sole. I can’t confirmed that it sensed my running. However, one thing that I like about the circular sole is that it was arranged wide enough from each other, to not let big dirt and rocks stuck in between those protrusion.

You can see both of my heel sole after logging 150km. The left sole seems to erode more than the right. It’s because I subconsciously used more of my left foot (not particularly heel) compared to my right, as I torn my ACL of my right knee last year. Using my right foot will make my knee hurts, especially if I landed a bit harsh on my right foot.

The shoe is also very FLEXIBLE. You can flex the sole anyway you want. With the extra flexibility, it can let your foot to move more naturally. I really like this as none of my other shoes can do that.

One other feature that I like with this shoe is its tongue. Skechers has done a very good design by stitching the tongue of the shoes directly to its body. By doing this, the tongue will not be able to move aside while running. With the tongue stitched, there will be slight tightness when wearing the shoes with socks, especially if you have a big foot. You may want to remove the insole to loosen the shoes a bit.

Lets go to the fabrics of the shoes. Skechers used a very lightweight synthetic and mesh fabric for the upper sole. It also uses Flatlock stitching, in which will give you seamless feel to your foot. This type of stitching is the same type of stitching on my SCUBA diving wetsuit – it minimize the abrasion from friction of conventional stitching method. So it will be more comfortable to your skin even running without socks.

The shoes has two pairs of light reflector, a pair on the toes and another pair on the heel. Although the size is small, it’s still an important features of the shoes especially for those who like to run in the dark. However, the light reflector alone is not good enough for other road users to notice you in the dark. You may have to run with few more light reflective markers or even a proper flashlight or headlight. By the way, if you are not sure which are the light reflector – its the pair of grey patch on both toes and heel.

Other feature that I like is its roomy forefoot panel. My toes can move freely without compressed, thanks to the breathable 4-way stretch mesh. With roomier forefoot, it reduces friction and allow my toes to splay, spread, grip and push off with minimal injury. And I can CONFIRMED this. I had very minimal blisters with GOrun 2 as compared to my Nike futsal shoes.

Now this is maybe one of the MOST important features of GOrun 2 as compared to other running shoes in the market. If you can see from the photo, the sole of the shoe is not flat. It curved up at the heel and at the toes. Its design was basically made to promote midfoot strike running – as compared to heel strike and forefoot strike, in which they claimed to be one of the best technique to run long distance. Personally I feel that what they are promoting is good. I have tried heel strike running, but the impact was so noticeable on my injured knee. Running with forefoot strike makes my anterolateral tibial plateau and ankle painful. However, when I started midfoot running, the pain was less and my running was more stable. I ran more kilometers and its more enjoyable.

Okay, before I wrapped up, I just would like to highlight one of GOrun 2 features that may make you really love the shoes. It’s their 4mm Heel Drop feature – substantially less heel drop than traditional running or training shoes to bring you closer to a natural barefoot experience. I knew that GOrun 2 is my perfect shoes for running and walking when I did FEEL the different from my regular shoes while having a test run with the shoes in their shop in February. It was so comfortable that I even wears it to work!

Okay, enough with my review. The final question will be: Should you buy Skechers GOrun 2? My answer is: Absolutely yes, IF you are a SERIOUS runner OR casual runner with some old injuries to your lower limbs/knees/foot, as it really lessen the impact and injuries while running. The price is a bit steep however, RM409 (USD136) here in Malaysia. If you check Skechers US website, it only cost you USD80. Of course without postage.

Oh, did you know that Skechers paid Meb Keflezighi to promote GOrun 2? You can check out their advertisement here:

Happy running!

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