Sometimes, receiving this kind of email satisfy me…

It feels good to received this kind of email. Although the sender is really foreign to you, never seen and never heard about them before, receiving email like this makes you feel satisfied. This is the email that I received from Desmon Kong, one of our reader who happen to be one of my new friends…

Hai Zad,

Thanks for the newsletter, I have enjoyed reading it and have a good laugh by this Leif Pettersen. Also reminds me of some the things I experienced during my trip. I guess everybody got their own story to tell. Unfortunately I’m not the type of person to keep journal even though I know is a good habit. It will be a great tool if we practice that we can always refer & reflect our lives the things that we gone thru and be thankful to God.

Coming on May two of my good friends is climbing Mt KK using the Mesilau route. Unfortunately I can’t make it what a shame. One of them also has climbed with me last year Feb. The other one just started practicing medicine but took sometime off, he is in Pulau Tioman right now climbing Gunung Kajang.

I will be climbing Gunung Ledang on labour day with them and few others. This is my 3rd Ledang climb. Of course cant be compared with MT KK but nearer to us and also nice in its own way. Also helps me to keep fit. At the kaki gunung of Ledang its has thunderous waterfall rushing thru, big enough to swim. So at the begining of the climb u can feel the strong ‘clean fresh water washed air’ pushes thru from the reaction of water and air meet in a powerful force. Now that is what I call force of nature. That is the same force that gave you the energy to do what you are doing. That motivation is called nature calls. I believed everybody have calling to do noble deeds if they seek from the nature. Just a way to tell you that your work is appreciated.

Keep me update on the newsletter.

Desmond Kong

Thank you for your nice email. I actually come from Muar, Johor. Gunung Ledang was one of my father’s favorite getaway spot for our family. When I was little boy, we usually go there to just have a nice picnic and swim at the waterfall. Those days, the water was really cool and the environment is clean and green. Well, it was more than 20 years ago. I am not sure about now. I heard, the place has been developed and it was not as good as it was before. Anyway, hopefully I can go there again with my family.

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  1. valerie jeffrey

    hello i was in k k in 11982 my brother ivan garfoot was with borneo trak and he lived on tanjong aru we visited mt k and stayed at the mount royal hotel i find it interesting to read all the comments thank you

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