Submit your complaint to Malaysian government about Sutera Sanctuary Lodges

I have been writing about SCUBA diving in this blog for the past few months. Yeah… I am shying away from Mount Kinabalu temporarily as the issues with Sutera drags my feet away from the highest peak of Borneo. However, it does not mean that I am not writing about Kinabalu anymore. I will write about Kinabalu – almost about anything – until it is free from human greed.

I feel ashame to tell you the pretty part of Kinabalu, when in the real situation it is getting more and more difficult (and annoying) for you to get the chance to climb the majestic mountain and see it for yourself.

So, I have decided to divert this blog a bit – to scuba diving –  without forgetting the main issues on Kinabalu, in which we shall and can do something about it.

As I write this post, the number of members who joined the cause “Mount Kinabalu – belongs to NO ONE” in Facebook is increasing to 540. It was a huge achievement, although it was not me who started the cause, moreover, I hardly know them all. I would like to congratulate KaKiAyAm who started the cause, and hopefully it will be able to change Kinabalu for the good.


I don’t know how effective Malaysian government will act to this matter, but I think it’s worth a try. Lets go to Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri & Hal Ehwal Pengguna (Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs) website.

They have provided an online complaints submission by the public (e-Aduan). I have used this form once before when I submitted a complaint against Microsoft monopoly of software installation last few months.

Luckily for us, they provides Bahasa Malaysia and English platform for the complaints. Here is the link:

I have submitted my complaint. My complaint number is 00809940. You can submit yours. I just your 5 precious minutes to change the future of Mount Kinabalu.

If you don’t know what to write, you can just copy and paste this in the complaint box:


You can select “False Indication of Prices” in the Complaint Category and “Others” in Against Premise. This would be the screenshot of the complaint form. (Click to enlarge)

I have sent mine. Please send yours. And thank you very much!

21 thoughts on “Submit your complaint to Malaysian government about Sutera Sanctuary Lodges

  1. Lorna

    I hope you and the rest of the complainants have much luck getting the Ministry to pay attention. Sutera Sanctuary Lodges should not be allowed to continue doing business in such an embarrassing manner. I hope our government will take them off all contracts pertaining to not just Kinabalu, but also all our other highly popular tourist resorts around Sabah.

  2. KaKiaYam

    drizad, it does not matter who started the cause. In fact, it was your post and website that started all these efforts.

    I think it pains you more than anyone else with what is happening in Mt. Kinabalu. It used to be a symbol of love and the beauty of Mother nature, but now it has become a symbol of greed.

    But at the same time, i find it comforting that malaysians of various origins, come together for this common cause. For too long we are divided by our race and religion. Finally, we could now agree on something. Praise the Lord for this.

    Let us persevere and encourage each other by pilling on pressure to the government.


  3. Rinn

    Just now i received a call from Mr. Guna (Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri & Hal Ehwal Pengguna – K.K). He said he’d received my complaint and handling the case. Hope that they’ll investigate it seriously and do something with this embarassing matters. I hope to hear from them soon.

  4. drizad Post author

    @ Rinn:

    Yeah… I also received a call from him just now. I got his phone number and he is the investigating officer for this case. Pray hard that he could help us…

  5. kevin

    Any updates on this issue? I just submitted a complaint on that website, rewording your words slightly:

    1. 500% increase in price for climbing Mount Kinabalu in 3 years, which is unjustified and exorbitantly high.
    2. Poor maintenance of accommodations for climbers of Kinabalu in Laban Rata Resthouse, which is run by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.
    3. Sutera Sanctuary Lodges has a monopoly on access to Mount Kinabalu, allowing them to make profits without thinking of the impact to Sabah state tourism industry and Malaysians.

    I climbed 3 years ago, and have always wanted to re-climb this majestic mountain. But I guess I’ll wait until something is done about SSL.


    I heard a lot of disappointment about this Sutera Lodge. I climbed Mt Kinabalu in 2005 when the management still under Sabah Park. I was simply astounded with the beauty of this World Heritage Site Mt Kinabalu and I vowed that will not be the last time as a lot to be explored at that park – various route, hut, waterfall etc. but all that seem blur now with all not so feel good news regarding the new management, suddenly reservation become very hard to secured., weird new rules dreadfully introduced just for the sake of making more money. As what normally come in package with privatization project i.e. Kinabalu Park is price increase. I’m sure the cost has surged many times more now since 2005. I strongly opposed to this kind of privatization that kick out public interest while the greed of few people is pleased. What sadden me more is that the stakeholder of this Sutera Lodge is Singaporean.. is it true? I wish State Government would take back the management of Kinabalu Park. The fee charged should only for the maintenance, staff and improvements of the park, not for profiteering.

  7. Kuna

    I have joined the cause in Facebook and have also submitted a complaint with E-Aduan. My complaint number is 00811543. I am going again to Sabah in May, lets hope by then the authority will return to Sabah Parks. Thanks for all the support given for this cause, and I hope everyone will be able to climb Kinabalu in a more affordable way soon!

  8. Jason

    This is great info. Didn’t know about it until now. I support this cause. My complaint number 00901940. Keep up the good work!

  9. Mrs Graig

    was chit-chatted with a colleague yesterday and excitedly ‘story’ him how great is to climb Mt. Kinabalu {as I’d been to the top twice}. He was so excited on planning to climb with his family UNTIL I’d made a call to SSL Kinabalu Park’s office enquiring about the accommodation price. I was totally shocked and had to hide my face in front of my colleague when the SSL staff told me that the Gunting Lagadan Hut {the place where I stayed during my climb few years back} cost RM320 per head per bunk bed!!

    OMG!!During my time I only spent about RM150 {accomodation at Kinabalu Park 1 night, Gunting Lagadan Hut 1 night + all the climbing fees}

    The price offered by SSL is so damn ridiculous!!

    Btw, submitted my complaint to KPDN&HEP as well. Complaint No: 00909160. *sighed*

  10. Jakjan

    Mrs Graig,

    Published prices for 2010 come with more shock. 2D1N at Gunting Lagadan cost RM492, while Laban Rata cost RM542.

    Next year I will spend 5 days in Kinabalu and decide not to climb Mt.Kinabalu ’cause of its pricey, though it is my first inspiration to go to Kinabalu.

  11. Mrs Graig

    Mr Jakjan,

    I’m so sorry on behalf of everything that caused you wanted to cancel your trip to climb Mt. Kinabalu.

    SSL shud be blamed on this!!

  12. mike brown

    i agree with all your posts.i visited sabah in january as a backpacker and decided to climb the mount although it was way more than i could afford to spend..unfortunately i slipped and fell returning from summit.medical expenses have still not been re imbursed by sabah parks in kk and they are disputing 100rm i paid queen elizabeth hospital for fibreglass rolls of cast and treatment,although they are willing to pay 190rm for xrays and doctors medical help. this is now 2 mths i have been emailing sabah parks and the director janet lee who always seems to be unavailable when i phone call..more expense to me…

    not impressed at all with sabah parks,ssl and the safety on mount kinabulu on the high peak

  13. Kuna

    The video I am making of the commercialization of Mt.Kinabalu is on its way, we’re doing the editing and will be on air soon. I just recall the attitude of the guides as well, in 2009 when i was climbing, just after Laban rata, i started coughing so badly due to high altitude and at one point even coughed blood. the guide who was with me, ( i ws slower from the rest due to my condition) actually asked me to go down and THREATHENED me that medical costs up the mountain will be high and that i cant afford it.My condition was not that bad and I would have been OK after a short rest, but he was just eager to leave me and catch up with the rest. Maybe its his job, but whatever happened to motivating, inspiring and just letting climbers rest? True to everything, he was just eager to get it done and over with and didn’t care about the welfare and safety of the climbers.Kinabalu has become commercialised through and through.

  14. Leo

    Hello to sutra management. I’m sorry to say that some of your worker are abit rude in action and talk. Your worker name is “WINDA”. In other words please have her in a retrain camp. Tq.

  15. zaheer abbas

    Hello. Can any one guide me how and where to file complaint against High Commission of Malaysia Islamabad??????? I shall be obliged

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