Successful money transfer from PayPal to my E*Trade account

Unending (or non ending?) challenge for Malaysian citizen who have (have to!) PayPal account – unable to withdraw the money from PayPal account directly – unless they do either:

  1. Have an E*Trade Brokerage account.
  2. Use Virtual Money Inc. debit card.

And to make it even worse, lately, PayPal have reviewed back the account which connected to VMI debit card. It seems that PayPal claimed that VMI is not a financial institution, and PayPal sniffed that most of Asian countries which is not certified and high fraudulent rate (like Malaysia) use it to take their money out. Hmmm…. it makes our life even more difficult eh?

Me? Luckily, I received E*Trade Platinum Debit Card last week. After activating, it took me another few days of experimenting the validity of the card and at last, I managed to transfer the funds from PayPal to my E*Trade account this morning. It took 4 days for the transaction to be completed. Here is the screenshot:


My PayPal account…

E*TRADE Financial

My E*Trade account…

So, if you still do not have an account, apply for E*Trade. It took me 9 months waiting for the card. I guess it’s worth a wait!

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