Sunday Gaya Street Fair – What do they sell?

I went to Gaya Street for a photography session. Just to show you what do they have. Colourful beads

Colourful beads.

Burgers and drinks

Burgers and drinks.


Fresh fruits.

Uncle playing kulintangan

Uncle playing kulintangan.

King of fruits - DURIAN

King of Fruits – DURIAN!







Jeweleries and pearls

Jeweleries and pearls.




Another view of the same puppy. It was chained at the neck by the seller. Waiting for someone to buy it as a pet.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Gaya Street Fair – What do they sell?

  1. Tet

    Interesting! This is what we missed when we went to KK last month. We arrived Sunday night since our flight got canceled the day before and it was already closed when we arrived.

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