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I am an a4trip writer…

Almost a month ago I received an email that I mistakenly think as a spam. Ryanne Lai wrote to me the email after he she found this blog, and decided to work together on “Mount Kinabalu Travel Guide Project”.

He She is working with a team of talented freelance writers and graphic designers at www.a4trip.com. A4Trip.com produces travel guides for various tourist destinations around the world, translated into various different languages. They have just launched their 3nd guide recently- the travel guide for Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I did not think much of whether I should not join him her in his her team or not, as I AM looking for this kind of opportunity. As most of you do not know, it’s easier working with the people who want and appreciate your work (like him her), rather than getting some travel and tour operator to work with their team to boost tourism industry of Sabah.

I must say that almost all tour and travel operator in Kota Kinabalu still do not know the power of promoting their business via internet generally and blog specially. Our own Ministry of Tourism? Better stay away from their site as long as they think that bloggers are anti-government.

Anyway, today, a4trip have updated their website and blog. I am glad that they have worked very hard for the past few weeks in searching for writers for 60 destinations around this region. As this post were written, they only have 3 travel guides ready – Yogyakarta, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. And more guides are coming out soon, including my Kota Kinabalu Travel Guide. Yes, we have decided to create a Kota Kinabalu guide with Mount Kinabalu as a featured destination.

Writers for a4trip are given the framework and the time frame to complete the travel guide, in which will then be edited and published in the website. I am now in their week 4 of their writer’s framework. A lot of things still need to be done. Luckily they have their own graphic designer. Otherwise I don’t think my illustration and design will be up to their standard.

I think they still need some more writers for Sandakan and Tawau (east coast destinations in Sabah) which includes Sipadan. You may want to email Ryanne directly from a4friends website if you are motivated to be a travel guide writer and love to promote Sabah’s unique destinations to the world. Oh, maybe earn some income from the travel guide that you produce too!