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Happy 51st Merdeka Day for Malaysia – Hopefully a ‘new’ Malaysia

I never write about politics in this blog. It is not that I don’t know about it; I just don’t want make my blog looks like ‘rojak’. But when the results of Permatang Pauh by-election came out, I could not help but to write something about it. Congratulations to DSAI and his voters.

His winning reminds me to the year 1998 when he first involved with our country’s turmoil. I was there during that time, right in the middle of everything that happened. I was a third year medical student for UKM, in which my faculty was situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city.

It was just a stone throw away from Masjid Kampung Baru & Dataran Merdeka. I can still remember going to my lecture with half a dozen of FRU trucks parked just outside the faculty. The police were there for almost everyday and every night. I sometimes had my dinner or late supper with my friends after a long study group at Kampung Baru with policeman hanging around.

I could still remember the havoc that happened when few of my friends (yes, we are an ‘active’ university students that time) get caught by police and have to sleep in police lock-up after they were caught around Dataran Merdeka and Masjid Jamek area because they involved in the “Reformasi” gathering. For those of my friends who survived the FRU’s water canon, came back to the campus wet.

Me? I did not personally joined them, as I was actually ‘ordered’ by my father (he is a retired policeman now) not to get involve. Apparently he was also in the team of policeman & FRU that were assigned to take care of the area during that same time. So, it was like “I don’t want to see you get caught in my FRU truck while I am on duty” kind of order.

As a policeman, he has got to do what they have ordered him to do. And from what I could gather from him, he is not that fond of DSAI as he was also involved in the police team to control the situation during DSAI’s university student days in 1970’s.

Time passed. It has been 10 years since I really attentive to what DSAI did. He never give-up. Although he was assaulted, kicked, stripped and spent years in jail, he never give-up. His fighting spirit really struck the chord in me. No matter what happened, he just don’t give himself up. And with that, people of Malaysia (in hope for a new beginning) love him. They sent the message to the existing government that they need somebody “new” to give Malaysian a new HOPE.

Although I am very thankful to my father’s generation whom gave me the opportunity to get me to where I am now, I don’t think that staying the same will bring us anywhere. We have to take the challenge and dare ourselves to change, if we think that changing is a better option.

About DSAI’s sodomy charges? You know the answer, right?

Happy 51st Merdeka (Independence) Day, Malaysia! Hopefully a new hope for Malaysian will be born this 31st August 2008.