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Would you like to be my co-writer/editor for Kinabalu Blog book?

Yes. You heard it right. I have been delaying (procrastinating) my book since the past few months as I am doing another project right now. And I think I can create a better book by offering you to be my co-writer cum editor, as I my English is not so good. (I got credit for my SPM English subject).

So, if you think you can work on your own, have a very good motivation on delayed gratification with good English grammar and command, then you may want to consider the offer.

My plan is very simple. A lot of my website and blog visitors found out that the free information here are precious. Some of the post are not available anywhere. (Try google “climbing Kinabalu sandals“. The first result most likely is mine)

So, I am planning to extract the best informative post from this blog, maybe around 50-100 posts and print it out as a book. You as a co-writer/editor will help me on the proofreading and editing the content. I am not keen on finding formal editorial services at this moment of time, as I am doing this for fun, and not so much for profit. Unless, I don’t have any choice.

We will then go to Lulu.com to get the book published. As a token of appreciation, the profits from the book will be shared among us.

Sounds really simple, eh?

If you think you can or know anybody is, drop me an email.

I need your help… I am writing a book on Mount Kinabalu

Yes. I am writing a book about Mount Kinabalu. A true physical book, that you can own, read and write on it. Not just some online PDF copy of an ebook. I did published an ebook about climbing Kinabalu 2 years back which you could get it for only USD7 (donation), but think I it needs a revamp and updates.

I am planning to publish the best few selected post from this blog to be included in the book, mainly on the tips and guidelines which will benefit any climbers who planned to climb Mount Kinabalu.

I will also includes some of the important information on climbing Mount Kinabalu which are in the website. But I will not mention anything about how sucks it is with the booking process.

It will just be a writing of how-to guide to prepare the climb, without mentioning any issues, as I think by the time this book is widely available, the issues should be resolved.

If you don’t mind, I would really love to hear some feedback and suggestion from you regarding my intention.

  1. Are the articles on the climbing tips enough or do I need to write some more? (You may check the articles from the Articles page).
  2. If not, what are the areas that I should cover?
  3. What would be the suitable book title for it? Can “Kinabalu Blog” be a book title?
  4. Should I add Kota Kinabalu and my background Rungus extended family to be featured inside the book?
  5. Do you have your own personal opinion?

I am also looking for a local publisher to help me on this book project, as getting some online publisher to do the task seems costly. Do you have any suggestion on any good publisher here in KK?

The aim of the book is to be the most lightweight and handy travel guide book on climbing the majestic mountain of Borneo.